Why has the Fourth Estate Surrendered to the Trump Administration?

The United States has the worst government of all developed nations. It has reached a level of corruption never seen before. It has become completely dysfunctional thanks to Moscow Mitch’s creation of the “party of no.” Deliberation and compromise no longer exist and a democracy cannot exist when the two houses of congress refuse to engage in honest debate in service to the American people.

An even more tragic situation began in 2015. The fourth estate began to disappear. Today it is nearly non-existent. Journalists and reporters have refused to expose the Trump administration for its corruption, crimes, and Constitutional violations, and to reveal the ‘real Donald Trump.’

Since it was confirmed that the impeachment process is moving quickly, Trump has become completely unhinged. The foreign press is reporting the orange man’s meltdown and mental incompetence, so why is the American press soft-peddling the truth? They describe his words and actions as “contentious,” and “aggressive.” The truth is Trump is a raving lunatic. Exposing his criminal actions; the result of an enormous ego which created an arrogant belief that he is above the law; has removed what little self-control Donny Boy once possessed; and that was about as much as a toddler possesses.

Sadly, the American print and television media began to hold Trump to the lowest possible standard in 2015. This continues to be their standard operating procedure today.

Also in 2015 all media held Hillary Clinton to an impossibly high standard. The former ‘fourth estate’ was a participant in the collusion which gave America the worst president in its history.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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