If Elections were fair, a Democrat would have been President since 1993

A recent poll reveals that the people, not politicians, favor a repeal of the Electoral College. 66 percent of Republicans are desperate to retain the current system. 84 percent of Democrats would remove it. 60 percent of the largest group, Independents, agree with Democrats.

The truth is the intention of the Constitution was to ensure that every vote counts. The Electoral College prevents this from becoming a reality. I always use my state of Nevada as an example of how unfair and unconstitutional the Electoral College is for tens of millions of voters every four years.

In 2008 and 2012 all of Nevada’s electoral votes, the only votes that count at the end of the night, went to President Barrack Obama. Voters who cast their ballots for John McCain and Mitt Romney were unimportant; their votes were literally a waste of time. In 2000 and 2004, I voted for Al Gore and John Kerry; my votes meant nothing.

Not a single argument in favor of The Electoral college is valid. The only thing that matters is every vote should count. The people should elect their president, not a small group of unknown politicians in a locked room. Most importantly, a popular vote system would encourage voter turnout. Every voter would feel important; every voter would feel hope that their candidate would be victorious.

This fact and one other is why Republicans support the Electoral College. Suppressing voter turnout is the goal of every Republican. When the turnout is large, Democrats win. Second, if the Electoral College did not exist, a Democrat, Hillary Clinton, would be living in the White House today, and no Republican would have received that honor since 1993. There would have been no “9/11,” no invasion of Iraq, a near depression would not have happened, and millions of Americans would not have been evicted from homes. We would not be in Afghanistan today.

End of story. I know Republicans hate facts, but here they are.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of andy

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