Trump Claim of “World’s Greatest Economy Ever” is Debunked

Trump continues to accept praise for our nation’s growing economy which actually belongs to President Obama. The facts prove that Trump’s very poor decisions are beginning to reverse the efforts of his qualified predecessor. Tax reform is a fraud and is directly responsible for a growing deficit. His unilateral decision to place huge tariffs on Europe, and Asia; most importantly China; have cost American businesses profits and jobs. Consumers are paying for Trump’s taxes in retail outlets across America. Those of us who pay attention to reality are aware that Trump’s claim of increased manufacturing and more jobs is pure bullshit.

“The Institute of Supply Management’s manufacturing index dropped to 47.8 in September, down from 49.1 the previous month, the lowest number in more than a decade. Any number above 50 indicates manufacturing expansion. A number below 50 indicates that manufacturing is in recession territory.”

Does “the lowest number in a decade” indicate increased manufacturing and economic growth? I don’t think so.

The truth is that these are nothing more than blatant lies; Trump continues prove that he is unqualified to lead America. Donny Boy has failed to tell the truth once since June of 2015 when he declared his candidacy. Sadly, the fourth estate no longer exists. Trump has received a free pass for more than four years. Not a single television fake-journalist on broadcast television has the courage to tell the truth. If the facts about Trump’s entire life were reported accurately, even his most loyal supporters would abandon America’s biggest mistake.

I guess it’s up to me and others like me to report the truth to the American people. Please spread the word.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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