Conclusive Proof that Trump and his Party are Members of the Russian Mafia


Let’s take a close look at Trump’s decades long association with the Russians, and then you decide if he is a member of the Russian Mafia and an agent for Vladimir Putin’s interests in the United States.

The trail begins 32 years ago. Trump traveled to Moscow at the invitation of the KGB. In 1987 Vladimir Putin was a high-ranking officer in the Russian spy agency. There is no record of the subject of the meetings, but it is logical to assume that this was the first time when Trump and Putin met.

From 1987 until 2005 there is no recorded encounter between the two men, although that does not exclude contact between the two by phone or the use of personal agents.

In 2005 Trump took the “Miss Universe Pageant” to Moscow. At that time, he was nearing financial ruin after losing the $400+ million he received from his father. When the orange man returned to New York his floundering real estate business began to flourish. I’ll let you put two and two together. Russian oligarchs have sought sources to launder their fortunes for decades.

Once again in 2013 Trump traveled to Moscow with his beauty pageant. The Christopher Steele dossier documents the events of that weekend. Most Americans paid more attention to Trump’s salacious activities with two Russian prostitutes at the Moscow Ritz Carlton, but the real story was the beginning of a plan to place Trump in the White House. This dossier has never been accepted by Republicans. However, not a word in the multi-page document has been proven false by multiple security agencies in several nations.

Throughout the 2016 campaign Trump urged the Russians to find ‘dirt’ on Hillary Clinton; knowing full well that efforts were already underway by Putin’s agents to ‘rig’ the election for Donald Trump.

Although our government continues to deny the fact the Russia played a major part in Trump’s gift from the Electoral College, simply to prevent the American people from learning that our government is entirely dysfunctional, corrupt, and incompetent, the truth is obvious. Three factors altered to outcome of the 2016 election; Russian influence, favorable Trump coverage by the television media, and James Comey’s last-minute announcement related to Hillary Clinton’s private server. These were enough to give Trump a slim victory, but only in the Electoral College.

Since the election, Trump met with Putin several times; always in private. This is a violation of the Constitution. All meetings between the President of the United States and leaders of foreign nations are required to be documented for the national archives. Multiple phone calls continue to occur between the Russian and American presidents. Immediately after James Comey was fired, Trump held a secret meeting in the Oval Office with Sergei Lavrov, and Sergey Kislyak; two of Putin’s highest ranking officers.

Recently, when the Trump administration planned to add additional sanctions on North Korea, Donny Boy voided the sanctions immediately after ending a phone call with Putin.

Together Trump and Moscow Mitch McConnell have protected the Russian government from additional sanctions. White House aides report multiple phone calls between Trump, Putin, and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. Just a few days ago Putin was in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia to meet with bin Salman.

Trump’s recent phone call to Ukraine President Zelensky had a twofold purpose. He sought “dirt” on Joe Biden. The second was to cause unrest in Ukraine at the request of Putin who has military waiting on the border to invade another part of the foreign Soviet Union.

Robert Mercer, the billionaire who funded the last months of Trump’s 2016 campaign has close ties to Russia. Wilbur Ross worked for Putin as the head of the Bank of Cyprus. Moscow Mitch has nearly as many relationships to Russia as his fascist leader. I have no doubt that other members of Trump’s administration have ties to Putin and his agents. It is obvious that Trump did not choose his original cabinet; so who did? Was it Mercer, or possibly Putin himself?

Trump is a Russian asset who continues to defile our White House and has the support of not only Putin and bin Salman, but an entire party of hypocrites and traitors. The worst illegitimate president in history is surrendering America to Putin piece by piece.

Op-ed by James Turnage



Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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