The Enormous Gap Between Democrats and Republicans; the American People vs Special Interests and the Interference of Foreign Nations


The mainstream media must stop ignoring the fact that the greatest difference between liberals and fake conservatives is that the left is the party of the people and the right is the party of special interests which supports foreign intervention in America’s elections.

Although it is a fact, supported by most Americans, that Trump is the worst thing to happen to our nation in its history, his Republican in name only party is equally responsible for the destruction of American principles in the last two years, nine months, and 26 days.

The right-wing has become the enemy of the American people. They have done nothing for their country in the last 10 years. Prior to the disaster that is Donald Trump the  ‘party of no’ did everything they were capable of; that was nothing. With their acceptance of Donald Trump as their illegitimate leader, their entire focus has become protecting his vile presidency. They know how unfit Trump is to lead America, but they simply don’t care. Power is more important to Republican politicians than the future of 320 million American people.

If the right-wing cared about their country they would be leading the effort to impeach the traitor in the White House. Doing the right thing has never been the goal of Moscow Mitch and his puppets.

Time for real change. America must elect a progressive woman to lead our nation in 2020. Our country must join the rest of developed nations and move forward. Trump has been moving our nation backwards for too long.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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