This “Ukraine Thing” Will Bring Down the Trump Administration as Another Cabinet Member Surrenders


Every day there is additional information about the criminal actions committed by Trump’s loyalists related to his efforts to extract information from foreign leaders about his projected political opponents.

Trump blamed Energy Secretary Rick Perry for the phone call which exposed Trump’s impeachable crimes.

Let’s be clear here; Perry should never have been nominated for his position. He is woefully unqualified. His only ‘claim to fame’ as the Governor of Texas was executing more individuals than George W. Bush; mostly minorities. Today we learned that he will soon become another cabinet member who decided to leave his post prior to the end of Trump’s term.

According to CNN, ‘Energy Secretary Rick Perry notified President Donald Trump that he plans to resign from his post, two administration officials confirmed to White House reporters on Thursday.’ Another one bites the dust.

Let’s ignore the White House staff, which is nearly depleted of qualified advisers. Trump’s cabinet now has a vacancy in positions including Secretary of Energy, and Secretary of Defense. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, is under fire for being complicit in the Ukraine incident. Attorney General Michael Barr is under investigation and faces the possibility of impeachment. Inside the White House Mulvaney is only “acting” Chief of Staff. Several unqualified individuals are performing multiple duties including Mulvaney, Miller, and Kushner. His personal legal staff is decimated by the fact that Trump’s primary attorney is Rudy Giuliani who is expected to be indicted. This is an administration in turmoil and desperation. As it should be.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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