The Reason GOP Congressman Francis Rooney is Retiring is Very Interesting; He is Doing the Thing


The biggest problem and disservice by this Republican Party in name only is the fact that they refuse to do what is right for our country. Their party is the priority and the American people are being ignored.

Trump is the worst thing to happen to our beloved nation, and if GOP politicians cared about their country they would have led the way to remove Trump from the White House from the very beginning. Instead, they are proud of their leader who is immoral, unprincipled, the leader of white supremacy in America, and a protector of Russia and other dictators.

Another Republican is retiring. His reasons are simple and refreshing. A right-wing politician is doing the right thing for the right reasons.

Francis Rooney, (Rep. Fla.), was one of the first Republicans to call for Trump’s impeachment, and on Saturday he announced that he is retiring.

“I thought the idea was you came and did your public service and left, you accomplish what you want to accomplish and you left,” Rooney said on Fox News. “And that’s what I want to be an example to do. And I’m also tired of the intense partisanship that stops us from solving the big questions that America needs solved.”

After two terms Mr.Rooney is disappointed in our current government.

“This is kind of a frustrating job for me. I come from a world of action, decisions, putting your money down, and seeing what happens,” said Rooney, who was a successful businessman before coming to Congress in 2017. “This is a world of a talk. It’s very difficult for me to just stand up and talk.”

There is far too much “politispeak” from Washington politicians. Honest and worthy questions are all too often met by refusing to answer the query at all or blatantly lying. Since Trump’s nomination in July of 2016 resignations from Republicans associated with both the White House and Republican leadership have exceeded all expectations. Trump’s administration is virtually barren. No one wants to work for the ill-tempered and low-intellect egomaniac. More importantly, they want to remain out of jail.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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