Donald Trump; a Hero, not a Draft Dodger?


We know that Trump was a draft dodger who avoided the Vietnam War with the aid of his father’s check book. Has he changed? At age 72 did he travel to Syria and personally capture leaders of the ‘Islamic State, known as ISIS? Is he now a hero?

As ‘Al’ used to say on “Home Improvement;” “I don’t think so, Tim.”

Trump spoke at length, (no surprise there), during a cabinet meeting on Monday. He made a very weak attempt to justify his unilateral decision to remove American soldiers from the border between Turkey and Syria. Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, wasted no time in waging war against the men, women in children who occupy northern Turkey.

Although the Kurds fought bravely along side U.S. troops for five years, he betrayed our allies. The Kurds captured some of ISIS’ most important leaders. Monday, Trump told his circle of sinners that America never promised to ‘protect the Kurds forever,’ and took credit for their courage and military excellence. He also made a fallacious claim, saying; he’s “the one that did the capturing” of ISIS fighters in Syria. Really, and yes, he made everything up, again.

In the months after Trump’s former Chief of Staff, and former Secretary of Defense resigned, they have revealed some important facts about their time in the White House. General John Kelly and General James Mattis indicated that Trump was unfit to serve in the military, and that he was arrogant and made rash and dangerous decisions. Trump lacks the discipline, intellect and courage to be a member of our nation’s military.

When Trump unilaterally decided to remove our troops from Turkey’s border with Syria, he displayed both his ignorance and his cowardice.

The American people, our military, and our allies deserve a dedicated American president. That will never be Donald John Trump.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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