Bill Belichick is Corrupt but is also the Greatest NFL Coach in History


Bill Belichick, the coach of the New England Patriots, will be known by fans, coaches, and analysts as the greatest NFL coach in history. He will literally do anything to win, and that is a black mark on his career. However, this year, like many before, he continues to prove that he has an ability no other coach has demonstrated in the history of the National Football League.

The Patriot’s 2019 team is slightly above average in talent, and that includes quarterback Tom Brady. However, with Belichick as the architect of the offense and defense, they are moving closer to another Super Bowl. Belichick has an ability to encourage his players to give 100 percent, 100 percent of the time.

Monday night they were in New Jersey to play the New York Jets. It is a fact that New York sports writers are heavily critical of the Jets, and they deserve it. However, long before halftime I turned the game off. It was as if I was watching a Division II college team play one of the best in professional football.

Brady was allowed to remain untouched as he destroyed the Jet’s incompetent defense. This is nothing new. Return to Super Bowl LIII which in my opinion was the worst ever played. Belichick simply outcoached Sean McVay as he has every coach in his tenure as the Patriot’s head coach.

NFL broadcasters constantly give undue credit to Brady. Without Belichick he would be a slightly above average quarterback. In the history of the relationship between Brady and Belichick the Patriots lose when “Saint Tom” has been knocked down and ‘sacked’ three or more times. Brady is fragile and does not like physical contact.

On Monday night’s game Brady was virtually untouched and the Jets were embarrassed with a 33-0 loss at home. The Patriot’s quarterback was allowed to drop back and survey the field long enough to order and eat a McDonald’s hamburger. The Jets were pitiful in defeat.

The truth is Belichick outcoaches his opponent every time. In last year’s Super Bowl Brady looked like the old man he is, but it didn’t matter. Belichick created a defense which made the Rams and Sean McVay’s offense look like a high school team. This is Belichick’s genius.

The truth is that the Patriot’s are boring; but boring can definitely win games and the Super Bowl.

Op-ed by James Turnage

Photo courtesy of WEBN-TV

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