Tulsi Gabbard; another Putin Asset in America’s Government?


A few days ago Representative and “I don’t know why she’s a presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, was labeled as a possible Russian agent by Hillary Clinton. Of course Gabbard denied the accusation and counter-attacked Hillary.

Naveed Jamali is a Newsweek columnist and a former FBI double agent and the author of “How to Catch a Russian Spy,” wrote an article in support of Hillary’s accusation.

As it was in 2016 it is not only disturbing, it is frightening that Putin continues to attempt control of our elections. If the accusations against Gabbard are justified, she must be tried for treason in a federal court.

Mr. Jamali bases his allegations on first hand knowledge of how Russia attempts to control our nation’s most important process. He states that Gabbard fits the profile of a Russian asset. In the debates she continues to personally attack other candidates. Why she is included, I do not know. Gabbard is currently polling at less than one-percent.

Finally, think about this. What would be a more perfect strategy by Putin than to attempt the destruction of the most qualified field of candidates in history? The leading four Democratic candidates are or were United States Senators. They are extremely intelligent, strong, and polls reveal that they would all defeat Trump in the general election. His primary agent needs a great deal of help to win reelection.

The truth will eventually come forward and I pray that Mr. Jamali and I are very wrong.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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