Trump has Completely Dismantled the Justice Department; Today it is nothing more than a Sham


Trump hates the truth and therefore the law. Throughout his pitiful life he has shown contempt for rules which he believes are beneath him. If the media held the orange egomaniac to the same standard as past presidents, his life of crime and debauchery would be constant objects of conversation and fill the pages of our newspapers.

When Trump fired FBI Director James Comey in May of 2017 it was obvious that he was desperate to suppress the powers of the Department of Justice. His fears of being investigated were exposed for all to see.

When Trump’s first choice for his administration, Jeff Sessions, was forced to resign as his Attorney General in 2018 only a single reason was offered from the White House. His ‘sin’ was recusing himself from the Russian investigation, which was not only in accordance with the law, it was the right thing to do; something Trump chooses not to understand.

The Attorney General of the United States heads the Justice Department. It is critical that he or she has a complete understanding of the law. The Justice Department has the responsibility to ensure the laws of the United States of America as they relate to the Constitution are obeyed by everyone; there are no exceptions.

William Barr is a complete failure as Trump’s second Attorney General. Instead of serving our nation, Barr has become Trump’s personal errand boy. He should be impeached.

The impeachment investigation in the House related to Trump’s arrogant abuse of his powers and the law should have begun months ago. When the Justice Department first heard of allegations related to Trump’s obstruction of justice, it was they who should have begun the investigation. Impeachment should have been the result of a thorough examination of the actions of your illegitimate president by the Attorney General and his staff.

Our government is not only dysfunctional, it is shattered. Republican politicians allowed an incompetent fascist to ruin a system which worked well for 44 previous presidents. Trump is a farce, but more importantly he is destroying America piece by piece.

Once the leader of the free world, our illegitimate president has become the object of ridicule and laughter around the world.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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