Matt Gaetz Is another Right-Wing Extremist and a Moron


On Wednesday another right-wing politician acted in a manner which displays no respect for the rule of law, or the American people, and pledged his fealty to fuhrer Donald Trump. He and two dozen other Republicans in name only crashed a private hearing based on security concerns claiming the entire impeachment process is a “witch hunt;” Trump’s words, not theirs.

First, the ridiculous claim relative to this action by a bunch of low class thugs was farcical. There are several Republicans on the committee, and some of the “crashers” are invited members of the group. This was an obvious effort to protect the worst illegitimate president in history.

If Gaetz and the Freedom Caucus wanted a rift with career intelligence community experts, they got one. Veteran Navy intelligence operative Naveed Jamali was especially incensed, reminding Gaetz that “literally rule number one” in national security protocol is “no cell phones in a SCIF.”

“Anything that transmits and can record video or audio is specifically forbidden,” Jamali continued. “If you break these rules, you might as well drop the “S” (secure) in SCIF.”

Republican continue to prove that they lack all ability and desire to serve their country. They are traitors to the American way of life and 320 million people.

Trump, Moscow Mitch and his hypocritical traitors must be removed from office and disgraced before the American people.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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