Trump’s Efforts to Obstruct Justice are Failing; He is Learning that in the End, Justice Always Prevails


Trump is hiding his tax returns. He is denying the fact that he is a sexual predator. His college transcripts have been sealed; proving what I claim; he did not earn a diploma. Once again daddy paid for his failures. The orange egomaniac has been exposed as a fraud, a white supremacist, and totally incompetent. He continues his attempts to obstruct justice by forbidding government officials to testify before the House impeachment inquiry.

Trump is incapable of learning anything, but he is forced to face reality. The number of individuals willing to testify to his criminal actions is growing every day. There are new crimes punishable by impeachment and a trial in the Senate every time a legitimate journalist sits down and types on his or her keyboard.

Trump hates everyone who is willing to tell the truth. For 73 years facts and reality have been his enemy. He is the ultimate con man, although he is not very good at hiding his actions, unless you are one of his ardent supporters who choose to remain ignorant.

Trump has committed more egregious crimes and a greater number of them than anyone else who faced impeachment in our nation’s past. He must be impeached, tried, convicted, and placed in a federal prison where his attire will match the color of his skin. He must become an example of what not to do for all politicians seeking office in the future.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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