Some Day a Movie Will be Made about the “Trump Fiasco;” It will not be a Comedy


I have taken a long look at the movie in my mind I see as the “Trump Fiasco.” Beginning with the greatest tragedy to ever happen in my lifetime, election day 2016, and ending with impeachment in 2020, this entire period of time is not only ludicrous, it is also embarrassing, world changing, and very sad.

It begins with the most unqualified candidate in history; a con man whose life is a history of failure, crime, and debauchery winning the Electoral College. My wife and I shared feelings with millions of other Americans on the morning of November 9, 2016. We were in disbelief, shock, and fear for our country. We walked around in a fog the entire day; nothing seemed real.

Thus began the most unbelievable horror movie in American history. The madman in this film was living in the White House. His cult worshipped him. His co-conspirators; his power-mad army; supported his evil and destructive agenda and lied constantly to protect Trumpenstein.

This horrific creature harmed millions of innocent Americans with his policies. He attempted to murder millions of our nation’s citizens by removing their healthcare. When hurricane season began in 2017, he sent aid to his supporters, but ignored more than three million Americans on the island of Puerto Rico who cannot vote in our elections. Thousands lost their lives.

The monster became more powerful by creating allies who were also monsters in their own countries. Despots who murdered thousands of men, women, and children in their nations were honored by Trumpenstein. Their names are Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, and Mohammed bin Salman.

Meanwhile, as his executive orders reversed laws and rules which helped the majority of Americans, destroying more than 60 years of efforts by his predecessors, the madman was golfing and holding hate rallies for the members of his cult.

The heroes in this movie fought hard against the monster, but as it is with all horror movies, they failed to stop his reign of terror for a long time. Finally, in late summer of 2019 the villain began to self-destruct. He gave his adversaries the weapons necessary to destroy him. He admitted to crimes which would unify all Americans against him other than his cult members and his army, which was armed with nothing but lies.

The battle lines have been drawn. Strangely, the events will be played out on television; the only true reality show. The American people will become judge and jury.

The true culprits in this horror film are his loyal followers. The members of his cult, and his army in Washington protected the madman with lies, misdirection, and shared his vile beliefs in the superiority of a single race, the right of the wealthy to rule over their subjects in ways which would advance their own lives, and the subjugation of ‘inferior’ human beings including African Americans, Hispanics, non-Christians, the LGBTQ community, and all women.

Finally, what will happen to the monster in this movie? Will he be severely punished for his many crimes, or will his be allowed to slip away and continue to live a life of luxury and privilege?

In my mind this man who terrorized our nation for more than three years is placed in chains in a maximum security prison; never to see a golf course again. His army will be banned from our nation’s capital and forced to live in shame.

Sadly, the rich and powerful are never adequately punished for their crimes in America.

History will remember the tragedy of Trumpenstein’s illegitimate presidency. This immoral man who is a confirmed sexual predator, adulterer, criminal, and blight on the human race will never have a single book written about him praising his non-existent accomplishments.

Please tell everyone about my blog; “the truth lives here.” I will continue to boycott Facebook.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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