The Greatest Difference Between Richard Nixon and Donald Trump; Nixon Cared about his Country


In 1973 Impeachment proceedings began against President Richard Nixon based upon the break-in at the Watergate Hotel; the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee. As the hearings progressed, which were reported on broadcast television, Nixon realized that his fate was sealed. His own party urged him to do the right thing and he resigned on August 8, 1974 before he faced the indignation of a trial in the Senate.

The resignation of Nixon and the huge ego of Trump are indicative of the primary differences between the two men.

Although both men were arrogant, and believed they were above the law, Nixon cared about his country, and before the impeachment process was completed, he had the common sense to do the right thing and save additional embarrassment for his country. Trump’s ego, and lack of class will not allow him to resign. According to the orange man, he is always right and has never done anything wrong. That’s a real laugher.

Trump’s response to day one of the impeachment hearings was to place more ads, more lies on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is making millions of dollars at the expense of his country. This is the reason I will boycott the failing social media for eternity.

Reports about the first day on the internet are misleading. The bottom line was simple. Traitors including Jim Jordon of Ohio attempted to misdirect the purpose of these hearings in a desperate effort to hide the truth. Meanwhile, Democrats were asking the right questions which completely exposed the criminal behavior of you illegitimate president.

The truth is that Trump has failed to govern America. He has not addressed a single important issue in nearly three years. His entire time in the Oval Office, which averages less than two hours each day, has been wasted. Attempting to hide his many, many, lies and mistakes, watching television, golfing, and holding hate rallies for his cult fill his days. Then he tweets in the very early morning. This is a complete biography of the illegitimate presidency of Donald John Trump.

It’s true that both Nixon and Trump will be remembered as criminals, but other than the decision of Nixon to do the right thing for his country, their accomplishments are in direct opposition to each other’s legacy.

Nixon reestablished our relationship with China. Trump destroyed long established relationships around the world, while praising and supporting despots who rule over enemy nations. Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency. In service to the petroleum industry, Trump is destroying the agency. Nixon was a skilled diplomat, Trump is a schoolyard bully.

So far, Republican’s only effort is to claim that Democrats are attempting to remove Trump from office for political reasons. My advice for the right-wing is to read article two of the Constitution. Learn something and do your job.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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