Trump is a Fake Christian; Naturally his ‘Spiritual Adviser’ is also a Fake


The Republican Party is filled with fake Christians. Leading the party is Donald Trump who is about as far away from being a Christian as Lucifer himself. He is amoral, a sexual predator, bigoted, prejudiced, and the leader of white supremacy in America. He has never sacrificed one thing for another human being in more than 73 years of a life without value.

Before I get into my story, let me ask a serious question: Why should a President of the United States have a spiritual adviser? If he or she feels that he or she needs one, he or she must have advisers from several religions. Our founding fathers guaranteed that our nation would not be dominated by one religion. This appears to be a violation of the first amendment. There is no equal representation under the law of the land and one religion can control the executive branch.

That said, Trump has a ‘spiritual adviser’ who is as much of a phony as the orange man. Paula White is as close to a religious leader as Stormy Daniels; maybe less.

Richard W. Painter, who served as the chief ethics lawyer in President George W. Bush’s White House, blasted President Donald Trump’s personal spiritual adviser Paula White, suggesting the religious leader was committing “fraud” and running a “Ponzi scheme.”

Painter describes her as he would a ‘trophy wife;’ fame and fortune are her only ambitions and spirituality is not her goal.

“This ‘prosperity gospel’ scam by ⁦@Paula White⁩ tests the boundaries between ‘religious freedom’ and criminal mail fraud and wire fraud,” Painter argued in a Wednesday morning tweet. “‘Send me money and God will make you rich.’ Now she uses her White House position to make her sales pitch.”

Fake Christians, like White, ignore the teachings of Jesus Christ. The poor are simply tools. Minorities are slaves. The LGBTQ community is a pariah. She is a classic television evangelist who is worse than a used car dealer or an attorney. It’s all about the money; no substance.

On Tuesday, Painter extrapolated on his opinion of White.

On Tuesday, Painter raised related concerns about White. “Paula White now is running her faith-based Ponzi scheme from inside the White House,” he wrote in a tweet, sharing a link to a Newsweek article that reported on criticism of Trump’s adviser. ‘”Send me your January paycheck and God will pay you back with interest …. [perhaps out of somebody else’s February paycheck],'” he added.

Sounds like the fake Christian is a perfect fit for Trump. His administration is the most corrupt in history and filled with charlatans.

A personal note. Since November 15th, 2016, (it took me eight days to recover from our nation’s greatest disaster), I have tried to find some humor in the joke that has been played on our nation by Trump, his ignorant supporters, and, of course, Vladimir Putin. I cannot. My disgust for what Trump and his right-wing cronies have done to my beloved country is unforgivable. As a nation, we have lost the respect and trust of every nation in the world who once supported us. Our economy is in jeopardy. Not a single crisis which faced our nation in 2017 has been seriously addressed by our golfing, illegitimate president. I am ashamed for the first time in my life that our government is not representing the values of the United States of America.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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