I Beg the Voters of Ohio; “Please Vote Jim Jordan Out of Office; This Loudmouth has Caused Enough Harm to America”


If you love you country, like me, and you expect your elected representatives to tell the truth in service to the American people, you must be tired of hearing Ohio Representative, Jim Jordan, loudly tell lies, and viciously attack good and honest people. He is a disgrace to his office.

We must not forget that Jordan lied when he was investigated for looking the other way when the Ohio State wrestling team’s doctor sexually assaulted members of his team. Jordan was complicit and should be in jail, not in the Capitol Building.

Jordan and other Republicans in name only are desperate to protect Trump from impeachment. Their latest sad attempt is to claim that if Ukraine did not act upon Trump’s request to reopen the investigation into Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, and there was no crime. Sorry, you ignorant liars, intent is all that matters according to the Constitution. Try reading it sometime.

The first two days of testimony were devastating for Trump, Mike Pompeo, and Rudy Giuliani. The witnesses were articulate, obviously patriotic, and extremely believable. But, there’s more to come.

The truth is that if Republicans cared about their country, they would join Democrats in ridding our nation of the worst president in American history. He is unfit and a traitor. You must vote on November 3, 2020. The future of your family and friends is in the balance. It’s your country, not theirs. If they refuse to serve you; act upon your needs and wishes; they must be erased forever from Washington.

Op-ed by James Turnage (“The Truth Lives Here”)


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