Republicans Cannot Win Elections unless the Truth is Censored


Trump and his failing party cannot win elections if the truth is told. For more than 30 years they have relied on lies and misdirection to defeat their Democratic and Independent opponents. With the assistance of the right-wing propaganda machine, FOX Noise, millions of Americans have been brainwashed. Promises are made and broken every two years. This Republican Party in name only is a tool of special interests; they do not serve the American people.

On a Saturday Morning in Denver, Colorado, a perfect example of how censorship has become a necessary tool for the right-wing was offered by a conservative radio station.

Craig Silverman, the host of “The Craig Silverman Show,” which aired on a conservative radio station in Denver, Colorado, says he was fired in the middle of a show. Why? According to Silverman, he was fired suddenly after he criticized Donald Trump during his Saturday morning 710 KNUS talk show. The station’s program director walked into the booth and said, “you’re done.”

This is another example of how fearful the right-wing is of honest criticism. Just imagine for one moment if a real president, Barrack Obama, had responded in a manner similar to Trump and his failed party. Not a single day passed without an attack from a fake conservative and FOX Noise. Not once did he respond by personally attacking his detractors. His exceptional intelligence, high level of integrity, and sense of dignity prevented him from counterattacking. He used humor and satire to belittle the fallacious attacks from the right-wing.

Not once in his pitiful life has Trump admitted to his many mistakes. No other man or woman in history failed in the ownership of casinos in Atlantic City. With numerous bankruptcies, and the need for foreign interests to ‘bail him out’ several times prove that he is unfit to lead the world’s largest economy. Trump is a self-admitted sexual predator who sexually assaulted more than 20 women. He is a confirmed adulterer who has no respect for anyone but himself. If these are not enough reasons to declare him unfit to be our nation’s president, there is something very wrong with our system. Trump’s recent abuses of his powers, obstruction of justice, and attempts to intimidate witnesses force congress to take the appropriate action. Impeachment is not a choice; it is the only option left to us by his own self-admission of guilt.

Until there are no “conservative” or “progressive” radio and television networks, watching and listening to them is detrimental to intelligent thought. Firing anyone for offering an honest opinion is fascist.

Op-ed by James Turnage

“The Truth Lives Here”


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