Too Old and out of Touch; Donald Trump and Joe Biden


Electing Trump was the biggest mistake ever made by the American people. He was the least qualified candidate in history. He is amoral, with a history of criminal activity; large and small. He is also to old to lead our young nation. The average age of all Americans in 2019 is 38.1 years of age.

Joe Biden wants to be the 46th president of the United States; he is currently 76 years old; twice our nation’s average.

Across our country the majority of Americans support the legalization of marijuana. In my state of Nevada, voters approved legalization in 2016, and it has been successful. Regardless, Biden and Trump disagree with the people.

Biden – who said in 2010, “I still believe it’s a gateway drug,” and “legalization is a mistake” – was asked at a town hall in Las Vegas if his position had changed.

“No, it hasn’t changed,” Biden said. He explained that although he supports allowing states to determine their own marijuana policies, “the truth of the matter is, there has not been nearly enough evidence acquired as to whether or not it’s a gateway drug.”

I am three weeks younger than Trump and three years younger than Biden. Throughout my entire life Biden’s argument was believed by older Americans. It’s a big lie. It is less addictive than alcohol or cigarettes, and both remain legal. More importantly, by criminalizing marijuana we are filling our prisons with men and women who should not be there.

Nevada is wiser than the other 49 states. Decades ago, voters faced reality and declared prostitution legal. Brothels are in every city in our state. The truth is that prostitution will never be stopped by legal methods. In Nevada the women in that profession are protected and instead of spending taxpayer dollars in the futile attempt to end it, our state makes money from taxation. The same is true with marijuana. Its use will never end, so why not make money from taxes received from the legal sale of recreational ‘pot?’

My choice for president in 2020 remains Senator Kamala Harris. She is progressive, strong, intelligent, and will be 56 years of age on November 3, 2020; nearly 20 years younger than both Trump and Biden. For me, it is also a plus that she is a woman. It is time to rid our White House of old, white men who continue to fail our nation’s people. Her priorities will be the needs and wishes of all Americans, not primarily those of old, rich, white men.

Please vote; election day is closer than you think.

Op-ed by James Turnage

“The Truth Lives Here”


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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