Trump Isolating Himself even more from His Advisers and other White House Staff


The moronic mainstream media has described Trump with gentle terms including “unusual,” “different,” and even “inventive.” They refuse to call his whacky actions and mean-spirited attacks for what they are; the actions of a mentally deranged wannabe autocrat.

We know that Trump frequently arrives in the Oval Office in the early afternoon. Recently we learned that he does more “work” in the residence than in the West Wing where he has an entire staff of knowledgeable and experienced advisers at his disposal. Aides claim that he makes phone calls to pundits who soothe his ego, watches television, and makes unilateral decisions which result in disasters. This is Trump’s second floor Oval Office. This is not “unusual,” it is moronic.

If Trump had even average intelligence, he would know that one man or one woman is incapable of serving a country of approximately 330 million people. Sadly, Trump has proven throughout his life that he is an incompetent businessman who has failed at every effort he attempts. More accurately, Trump doesn’t care. Every action he has taken in nearly three years positively affects Russia’s interests and harms America’s. You add one and one and tell me the truth.

Op-ed by James Turnage

“The Truth Lives Here”


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