Dallas Cowboys at New England Patriots


Sunday afternoon’s game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots should have been a battle of giants in the NFL. As usual, Bill Belichick outcoached his rival. The truth is that Cowboy’s head coach, Jason Garrett, and his assistants, had not prepared their team for the contest. Dak Prescott, Dallas’ quarterback, and his receivers were terrible. The defense was unable to tackle running backs and receivers, or pressure Tom Brady with consistency.

However, once again the referees gave the Pats an unfair advantage. At least three big plays, which could have turned the game in favor of the Cowboys, were negated because of penalties. A review revealed that all three calls were bogus.

Fact: sexual degenerate Robert Kraft, who owns the Pats, is a very close friend of NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell. He is the reason why Goodell makes nearly 50 million dollars each year. NFL officials have protected Tom Brady for nearly a decade and a half.

If Brady played when the rules were different; or in the 60’s when quarterbacks had to make their own calls without the assistance of telecommunications, he would be an average quarterback at best. He is not tough enough to play the game before today’s princesses who are not obligated to call signals and are protected by today’s rules.

During Sunday’s game I watched as Brady had five seconds or more to throw while Dallas’ pass rushers were in a crowd at the line of scrimmage. I have listened to former NFL officials who claimed that offensive holding could be called on every play. None were called on New England on Sunday.

Fact: Brady has not had a major or minor injury since 2008. How is this possible? Eleven years of perfect health for a man who plays the most dangerous position in the NFL?

I am the first fan to admit that Belichick is the greatest and most corrupt coach in the history of the NFL. Regardless of the talent on his current team, he gets the best from each player. However, he appears to receive assistance from the worst officials in professional sports.

Op-ed by James Turnage

“The Truth Lives Here”

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