America’s First, and hopefully Last, White Supremacist Administration

Trump Cabinet

From the early days of Trump’s administration, I claimed that most, and possibly all, of Trump’s cabinet and close advisers are racist and likely members of white supremacy organizations. Nearly three years later, my allegations have been confirmed. Words and actions by Trump, his administration, and his party prove that the right-wing believes they are superior to all other races. The fact that only on occasion do we see a ‘token black man or woman’ in a picture or television spot featuring Republicans is proof.

Let’s go back to August of 2016. After Trump received the Republican nomination in July, a huge change occurred in Trump’s failing campaign. Billionaire Robert Mercer, who had previously supported Ted Cruz, moved his money to Trump’s camp. With him came Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway.

Mercer was one of Breitbart’s primary supporters. Steve Bannon was previously the head of Breitbart. By association, I am certain that Kellyanne Conway was either a supporter of Breitbart, or possibly just a fan.

Breitbart is a radio and internet website which espouses white supremacy, and every other form of bigotry known to mankind. Bannon offered the fact that he was a proud member of the “Alt Right,” an organization which proudly states its belief in the superiority of white men. As Trump began selecting his advisers after the November election, his first two choices were Bannon, who became his top policy adviser; and Jeff Sessions was nominated for the post of Attorney General.

We know Bannon’s story. Sessions was a senator from Alabama. More than 30 years ago he was denied a federal judgeship based on evidence of extreme racism. Since the beginning Trump has been offered the support of the KKK, the Ayran Brotherhood, and other hate groups. There are allegations about other members of Trump’s administration, however, the name most frequently mentioned is Stephen Miller.

Jared Taylor publishes a magazine titled “American Renaissance.” This rag promotes white supremacy. Taylor is not well-known outside of white nationalist circles, but he has one big fan; Trump adviser, Stephen Miller.

Hundreds of e-mails offering affirmation and advice from Miller have been discovered. They were sent to the website, ‘AmRen’ operated by Taylor. Prior to joining Trump’s administration, Miller wrote for Breitbart, and we now know that he support’s Taylors ideology.

“The races are not identical and equivalent,” says Taylor, who calls himself a “race realist” and rejects the white supremacist label. “There are patterns of difference. But this is now something that’s considered a huge, hateful taboo in the United States.”

I have a suggestion for Miller, Taylor, Trump, Bannon, Sessions, and all other white supremacists. If you do not believe in the words and promises in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, go somewhere else. If you do not love this country, there are many others who would willingly accept you including Russia, Saudi Arabia, and North Korea.

Diversity is the legacy of our founding fathers. We are a more beautiful country because we are a country of immigrants; immigrants from all races and beliefs. The truth is that diversity is growing more quickly than anticipated, and it cannot be stopped. In just a few decades, maybe less, the number of pure whites will become a small minority.

Trump may be impeached very soon. Constitutional violations are the crimes which will hopefully remove him from the White House. I believe the fact that he is the leader of white supremacy in America is the main reason he should not be allowed to have the title of President of the United States. She or he must be a loyal American who cherishes the Constitution, and keeps their oath of office; not try to destroy our inheritance.

Op-ed by James Turnage

“The Truth Lives Here”


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