The Demise of Malls and the end of the Carnage of Black Friday as we Know it Today


Let me begin by admitting that I absolutely hate Black Friday. I’m old enough to remember when all stores were closed on Sundays and holidays. I liked it that way. Encouraging Americans to leave homes before the Thanksgiving Day dinner is finished and hurry to malls, Walmart, and other stores is ludicrous. Stores forcing their employees to miss the Holiday just to make billionaires more money, while those same billionaires are gorging themselves with traditional food, washed down by bottles of wine which cost $1,000 or more, is un-American.

I have never shopped on Black Friday, but once when I was going to my gym, which opens at three in the morning, I drove by a ‘Best Buy’ and wanted to see if it was as bad as it appears on television. It was worse. Shoppers were at their worst; they were animals. I quickly exited the store and moved on to do my workout.

That said, this may surprise you. My wife and I purchase nearly everything we need other than food and shoes online. I read the reviews, and they are generally accurate. I spend less money and receive quality items which usually work as promised.

In every city in America strip malls are becoming small ghost towns. Brick and mortar stores are disappearing as online shopping becomes more popular.

Here in Reno an entire mall was demolished a few years ago. I expect to see the last two close before the end of my life, and I will be 74 on my next birthday.

If you shop on Amazon, you know that ‘Black Friday’ will last for four days. The bargains are incredible and I have no reason to join in the carnage occurring at retail stores across America.

If you decide to take a chance on your personal safety and sanity and plan to shop tonight or early in the morning, be safe. Material possessions are not as important as the stores would like you to believe.

Op-ed by James Turnage

“The Truth Lives Here”


Photo courtesy of Neon Tommy

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