Abraham Lincoln was not a White Supremacist; Republicans Prefer Trump Because He Is

Lincoln (2)

A recent poll of men and women who claim to be Republicans reveals what is really wrong with America. First, it reveals the fact that most Americans know nothing about history. Second, our nation is far more racist that I or any real American believed.

A weekly poll taken by Economist/YouGov declared that “fifty-three percent of Republicans said Trump was a better president than Lincoln, while 47 percent chose the Civil War-era leader.” Really; I can’t make this shit up.

If there is any accuracy to this poll, it tells us two things; Republican voters are for more ignorant than I believed, and they are on the extreme side of racism.

Abraham Lincoln is America’s greatest president by a wide margin, and on the other side Donald Trump is the worst in American history by at least 50 percentage points. Trump is not an American president.

The same group who conducted the poll found that among Republicans, 87 percent “somewhat or strongly approve of the job he’s doing as president.” These are the same men and women who are unable to define the responsibilities of each branch of government, cannot name one of their state’s senators, and believe that white supremacists are right and whites are superior to all other races.

Trump has done nothing for the majority of all Americans with the exception of promoting white supremacy, homophobia, Islamophobia, and misogyny. His many Constitutional violations are obviously acceptable to most men and women who believe that Trump and his party are Republicans. They are not. There is no resemblance to this obese and vile old, white man, Moscow Mitch McConnell, and the ‘party of Lincoln.’

This story is probably the most upsetting and even frightening I have ever written. What has this Republican Party in name only done to my country. This is not the America to which I proudly offered my “pledge of allegiance” every morning of my young life. This is not my government. When I was a first-time voter, I admired members from both sides of the aisle; not today. Republicans have become the enemy of the American people. Little by little the right wing is destroying the dreams of our founding fathers and the future of this once respected and admired country.

I am ashamed of every man or woman who calls themselves Republicans today. They are members of the “party of Trump” and lack the intelligence and principles to call themselves ‘Americans.’

Op-ed by James Turnage

“The Truth Lives Here”


Image courtesy of Democracy Chronicles

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