How People with Money are Buying Government, and Therefore America


Trump’s cabinet and closest advisers are millionaires and billionaires. The most definitive example is Betsy DeVos. Her only qualification for becoming Secretary of Education is the single fact that she and her husband have donated millions of dollars to Republican campaigns. Educators across the nation will tell you that she is a disaster. Like Trump’s other appointees, she has caused great harm to a system which needed improvement. Instead of solving problems, her obvious goal has been to destroy public education and protect the fortunes of for-profit universities. Her ultimate plan is to force every child to attend a private Christian school.

But don’t think for a moment that it’s only Trump who worships money more than his country. Moscow Mitch has been bought and paid for several times by Russian oligarchs and large American corporations. The truth is that the entire right wing serves special interests and ignores the needs and wishes of 330 million Americans.

However, an interesting development just occurred in Georgia. The senior senator from the Peach State is in poor health and is resigning. Controversial Governor, Brian Kemp, appointed a temporary replacement for Johnny Isakson. This is where it gets interesting.

Trump ordered Kemp to appoint one of his most ardent supporters, Doug Collins, to the senate. Moscow Mitch placed his support behind a billionaire businesswoman. Kelly Loeffler has multiple interests including co-ownership of a WNBA franchise. Loeffler has no experience in government and is therefore a perfect choice to become a Republican senator. Apparently, money qualifies anyone to become a member of America’s government. Loeffler has promised to spend $20 million of her own money to win election in November of 2020. Moscow Mitch 1, Trump 0.

Here’s a short list of the fake politicians who are ruling over your life. Donald Trump; claims to be a billionaire; Mike Pence, millionaire; Mike Pompeo, millionaire; Betsy DeVos, billionaire; Wilbur Ross, billionaire; Stephen Mnuchin, billionaire; Ben Carson, millionaire; Chuck Grassley, millionaire; Lindsey Graham, millionaire; and many more.

There are 704 billionaires in America and 18.6 million millionaires. I ask a couple of honest questions; what makes them qualified to lead America, and how can they understand the problems of the working class when their entire goal is obviously making more money? They truth is that they don’t care about you and me. Why would anyone vote for them?

Op-ed by James Turnage

“The Truth Lives Here”


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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