The Right-Wing is one Huge Conspiracy Theory


Think about it; the entire right-wing exists on lies and misdirection. When the truth is revealed, they hide; they can not explain away their efforts to make fools of the American people.

Conspiracy theories are nothing but big lies; a con attempting to brainwash feeble-minded and uninformed men and women. The best known of these con artists is your illegitimate president. Trump has failed to tell the truth once since June of 2015. His first campaign speech included conspiracy theories about his opponents. The media refused to debunk these lies and therefore Trump fooled millions of men and women who chose to be ignorant.

Second in line would be Alex Jones. Like Trump, he has never found a lie he didn’t love, and making up conspiracy theories is his claim to infamy. His vitreous radio broadcasts are intended to incite anger, hatred, and violence. He may be the world’s biggest Islamophobe.

One of Jones’ former staffers has confirmed what we already knew. His lies about Muslims were all manufactured and not based on a single iota of fact. Jones claimed that the goal of the Muslim community was to establish Sharia law in the United States.

“Josh Owens expressed his regret for helping Jones spread Islamophobic misinformation. The former Infowars video editor said that he made up lies about Islamberg, a Muslim community north of New York City, and accused it of harboring terrorists.”

We are undoubtedly in the ‘information age,’ and some of that is wonderful. However, every right-wing nut case has an audience. Millions of Americans choose to believe lies because the want to believe the worst about others who do not share their dark vision of America.

More than 30 years ago Republicans abandoned their oaths of office and the American people. They serve special interests exclusively. The prime requirement to become a right-wing politician is the ability to lie while staring into the lens of a television camera.

The current impeachment hearings are a perfect example of how desperate Republicans are to hide the truth. Listening to Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes is unbearable. They know that their illegitimate president is a criminal and unfit to remain in the White House. However, their party is the priority, not the welfare of their country.

It is less than a 11 months until election day 2020. Please vote; this is our country, not theirs.

Op-ed by James Turnage

“The Truth Lives Here”


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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