Brett Kavanaugh Claims that Trump is Violating the Constitution by Hiding Information from Congress

President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump participate in a meet and greet with Supreme Court Justices

Okay, you’ll find out soon enough; my title is a little misleading. However, long ago, when Brett Kavanaugh was working for Kenneth Starr during Bill Clinton’s impeachment hearings, he argued against Clinton’s initial claim that ‘executive privilege’ allowed him to prevent congress from obtaining certain information.

“According to Starr and Kavanaugh, the privilege assertion was itself impeachable, because it was purportedly meritless and Clinton had managed to use the privilege litigation to delay Starr’s investigation. As the Starr Report put it, the temporary delay amounted to an illicit ‘conceal[ment]’ by Clinton of his ‘personal misconduct.’ Starr and Kavanaugh also argued that Clinton should be impeached because he refused to voluntarily testify himself, despite the fact that (unlike Trump) Clinton ultimately testified after receiving a subpoena; once again, mere delay was deemed potentially impeachable.”

Once again, Kavanaugh’s support of Trump’s efforts to censor evidence is pure bullshit. All Republicans are hypocrites.

Can you imagine if President Obama had committed any of the crimes committed by Trump? All Republicans would be screaming incessantly that he must be impeached and after removal from office be tried for crimes against the United States of America. But Republicans always give Republicans a free pass; and that includes right-wing voters. Hypocrites one and all.

Op-ed by James Turnage

“The Truth Lives Here”


Photo courtesy of the White House

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