Trump Will be Impeached in the House; the Only Drama is How Many Republican Senators Will Support their Criminal-in-Chief


The evidence which requires the House to impeach Trump is overwhelming. He has committed multiple violations against the Constitution and there is no choice but to indict him and move the process to the Senate. What remains is a single question; will Republican Senators keep their oaths of office and support the Constitution or will they place their party ahead of America’s future.

Moscow Mitch McConnell has been a traitor to his country for nearly 36 years. His party has taken precedence over our country for his entire failed career. He is the poster boy for congressional term limits. The greatest traitor in American history has already held meetings with the White House. They have discussed the methods which will acquit Trump in the trial soon to be held in the senate. Our government is not broken, it is corrupt.

Fact: a two-thirds majority is required in the senate to remove a sitting president from office. Anyone who believes that more than a handful of Republican senators will have the courage to do the right thing for their country is ignorant about how our government is acting in the 21st century.

Trump will be in office on election day 2020. On November 3rd it becomes the responsibility of the electorate to ensure Trump’s removal from office. You and I will decide the future of America. Will the American people choose fascism or democracy?

Equally important to removing Trump from the White House is removing every Republican up for reelection from Washington. They are the enemy. Not a single Republican supports the American people. The party of special interests will never do the right thing.

Your vote is more powerful than a nuclear bomb. If you vote for yourself and your family on November 3, 2020, you will be a part of the army which saves America. Your ballot will be the ‘shot heard around the world.’ You will take your country back from Trump and his circle of sinners. The second American Revolution will become a victory for the people.

Op-ed by James Turnage

“The Truth Lives Here”


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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