Trump Promised “Better and Cheaper Healthcare for All;” He Lied Again

Trump as Hitler

All Americans, Trump supporters and Trump detractors alike, believe that universal healthcare is a must. Trump stood before a pro-Trump hate rally in 2015 and promised “better and less expensive healthcare for all.” Instead he has attempted to remove medical services from more than 20 million Americans for three years and has offered nothing to replace it.

What he and his circle of sinners have done is attempt to destroy Obamacare by attacking each part of the law in federal court. Recently the 5th district court struck down another part of our nation’s first and only healthcare law.

Trump has failed to keep one of his many promises, and his cult members are not concerned. They believe what Trump believes, that whites are superior to all other races; only Christians should be allowed in America; women are not equal to men; and homosexuals serve the devil.

Under the rule of Donald Trump only the wealthy are experiencing the privilege of living in America. Only the rich deserve the best healthcare available. Income inequality is a growing problem. The opioid crisis has been ignored. Intelligent immigration reform has been ignored. Women continue to be treated like second-class citizens. The rights of the LGBTQ community are under attack. And although the religion of Islam is the fastest growing faith in America, Trump and his supporters continue to attack all Muslims. Trump has changed America. Millions of our nation’s people continue to choose racism and bigotry, and this is why our nation has never been great. Trump’s illegitimate presidency has added more hatred and divided our nation at a level reaching those during the Civil War.

Trump is not my president and he’s not yours. He does not represent me or you because we disagree with his policies and personal beliefs. He is not an American and must be evicted from our White House.

Op-ed by James Turnage

“The Truth LIves Here”


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