Trump Lied to his Supporters at a Hate Rally in Michigan

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No surprise to me; Trump lied to his supporters during a hate rally in Michigan this week. “Look what I’ve done for steel. I mean, the steel is back. We taxed all the dumb steel coming in from China and other places, and US steel mills are doing great — they’re expanding all over the country, and they were gonna be out of business within two years the way they were going.” Michigan is one of the three states who gave Trump the Electoral College in 2016.

The only problem with this claim is that it is a blatant lie. On Friday, just two days later, US Steel announced that it is closing its Great Lakes Works mill near Detroit. At least 1,500 jobs will be lost. Production will continue in Gary, Indiana.

Trump’s misnamed ‘tax reform,’ and his unilateral decision to add huge tariffs to imports resulted in a trade war with China, loss of jobs, farm foreclosures, and higher prices at America’s retail outlets.

Trump conned millions of voters in 2016. They believed that he was a successful businessman, when in reality he has failed at every venture. Without bailouts from the Saudi Royal Family in 1999, and Russia in 2005, Trump would have become penniless.

Now we have a failure in control of the world’s largest economy. His failed policies have added one-trillion dollars to the deficit in just three years, while he continues to live the life of a billionaire at taxpayer expense. Every Republican politician has lied to the American people. Trump has been allowed to continue serving his puppeteer in Moscow and is bankrupting America.

Op-ed by James Turnage

“The Truth Lives Here”


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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