10 Wishes for 2020 that I Agree with and More

2020 cookie Christmas decorations.

Writing for the Daily Kos, Mark E. Andersen listed his top ten wishes for 2020. I agree with all of them, but might replace a few with my own hopes for our nation. Mr. Andersen’s first two are definitely my first two and they are a must if our government is to become functional once again.

One: Trump must go. He is the worst thing to happen to the United States in 243 years. Not the Civil War, WWl, WWll, or the cowardly attacks on 9/11 were as destructive as Donald John Trump. From causing enormous harm to our nation’s reputation to the division of our country’s people, nothing or no one has caused the level of damage Trump has accomplished in three years. Sadly, much of what he has done to my America is irreparable. As Mr. Andersen says, it doesn’t matter how he is removed; by the impeachment process, illness, Article 25, or if we must wait until Election Day November 3, 2020; he must go for the future of 330 million people.

Two: Moscow Mitch McConnell must lose to Amy McGrath in Kentucky. In more than 34 years ‘the turtle’ has accomplished nothing for his state or our nation. He created the “party of no,” and has proven that he is a traitor. He continues to protect Russia’s ability to interfere in our elections, and accepts campaign funds from Russian oligarchs. He serves his party and his personal ambitions, not the American people. Moscow Mitch is the reason our government is dysfunctional.

I don’t disagree with the next seven, but I have others which I believe are more crucial for America and the world.

Three: Two cities who have supported their NFL teams for years deserve at the very least a winning season. The Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions must find coaches and players who have not only the ability but the will to win.

Four: The NCAA must allow college athletes to be compensated for their athletic prowess. They should be allowed to share in the enormous profits made by our universities. Whether they are paid for endorsements, or allowed to accept gifts from alumni and fans, they deserve more than scholarships alone.

Five: The right wing must stop pretending that climate change is not the greatest danger to the world. No one believes that all Republicans are ignorant and refuse to believe in science. We all know they are bowing to special interests. Campaign donations take precedence over the future of our planet.

Six: There must be a reasonable playoff system for NCAA Football. Computers and polls are a very unfair way of deciding the four teams who have an opportunity to become national champions. Something similar to the NFL’s system would remove domination by a few and create a more competitive environment.

Seven: The NRA must be destroyed. The millionaires who support gun violence and mass shootings in America must be rendered penniless. Until 1976 the NRA was a gun safety organization. Today it is nothing more than a lobby for gun manufacturers and gun sellers.

Eight: Racism, bigotry, all prejudices must end and become nothing more than a bad memory. Prejudice in any form is nothing more than extreme ignorance. Anger, hatred, and violence must be replaced with understanding, acceptance, and compassion.

Nine: (This one is not one I care about, but Mr. Andersen does.) Science Fiction writers and even some scientists promised us ‘flying cars;’ where are they? He wants his flying car!

Ten: There must be more kindness in the world. There is no reason for all the anger and mistrust. We are all people who want the same things from life.

I would place numbers five, seven, and eight much higher. I would also add universal healthcare and free or affordable education. It is unfair that only the wealthy can afford the best medical treatment available. Both healthcare and educations should be a right and not a privilege. Our nation ranks 17th in the world in education, every year we lose some of our nation’s greatest minds because they cannot afford to attend a college or university.

Republicans are the party of special interests, and the reason the most important issues on this list are not addressed by our government. Time for real change. Please vote on November 3, 2020; this is your country, not theirs.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of Nenad Stojkovic

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