Would You have Enjoyed Living in the ‘Old West’ when Human Life was Threatened Every Day?


A shooter stood up from his pew in the West Freeway Church of Christ in ‘White Settlement,’ Texas on Sunday, pulled out a shotgun and began shooting. Two members of the congregation pulled guns from their waistbands, one an apparent security guard. When the melee ended, one parishioner and the shooter were dead, and one other member of the church was on his way to the hospital in critical condition.

The church member and the guard were praised for their actions, and I, too, am happy that there was no more carnage.

My observation is as it always is. Is this the life you want to live. Mass shootings have become so commonplace, most go unreported on the television news. Personally, I don’t want to live in the ‘old west’ where there were “a million ways to die.” But the truth is, that’s where we are headed.

In an act of obedience to the NRA, the right-wing refuses to protect the majority of the American people. They also do not believe that all Americans should have the best healthcare available; that right belongs only to the wealthy. Income inequality is becoming a greater problem every day. Soon every one of our nation’s “townspeople” will be subject to the rich; the “big cattle ranchers.” Women will be relegated to menial jobs and raising children. They will be expected to serve the needs of men. This is the American dream of Donald Trump and the Trump Party.

As for the growing gun problem in America, and the fact that  our government refuses to take the simple steps needed to end gun violence, I have a solution. When every child enters school; kindergarten; give them a gun. Let’s surrender to the NRA’s dream world. If every American is armed, there will be no more mass shootings, but the body count will serve their true purpose; make gun manufacturers and gun sellers billionaires and millionaires.

If a child is bullied, he can shoot the bully. If someone gets in a ’20 item or less’ line at the grocery store with a full cart, shoot them. If someone cuts you off on in traffic, shoot them. Instead of getting a divorce, shoot your spouse. If your boss gives someone else the promotion you know you deserve, shoot him or her. Received a failing grade on an exam you know you passed? Shoot the teacher. Any situation you believe is unfair to you or your family, don’t go to court, shoot the bastards.

This is the ideal America of the NRA and the political party they own.

No nation in the world is as gun crazy as America. With Trump as our illegitimate president, the gun nuts have multiplied and our nation is more violent than ever. He and his loyal white supremacists encourage anger, hatred, and violence. Domestic, white terrorists have become the greatest threat to all Americans. No longer do we fear “radical Muslims,” we are afraid of our old, white next door neighbors who have loaded weapons located everywhere in their home, and yell at the people in their neighborhood who for some unfathomable reason make them angry

Let’s be truthful here. Gun violence is only a part of the problem in America today. We are a divided nation. Trump and Fox Noise have encouraged this division and the hatred and violence which is the result of this situation. Until America returns to a nation which nurtures understanding and compassion, we will remain a country which lives in fear and uncertainty. Donald Trump’s America is not my America, and I hope it is not yours.

Please vote on November 3, 2020; this is your country, not theirs.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


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