Mar-a-Lago: Where the Washington Mafia Meets in Secrecy


In the last three years Trump has spent more hours partying at Mar-a-Lago than in the Oval Office. Although he calls it the “Southern White House,” it is a location only accessible to millionaires, billionaires, and Trump’s lackeys. It is not a place where real Americans can make appointments to meet with this illegitimate president.

The truth is that when Trump is there, he is with his people; not the 330 million people he is required to serve. The list of old, white, rich, and powerful men who have access to the orange man-child defiling the White House is a compilation of controversial leaders of industry, and political hacks who seek influence over the actions of our nation’s government. This is itself is a violation of the Constitution. The 14th amendment demands equal protection under the law. As it is with lobbyists, the majority of our nation’s people do not have access or representation in this right-wing extremist administration; an administration who caters to a very small percentage of all Americans.

Trump is not an American, and therefore cannot be labeled as the President of the United States. His fealty is to leaders of foreign nations and the 704 billionaires and 18.6 million millionaires who enjoy the American lifestyle without paying their fair share of taxes. Trump has protected America’s plutocrats as income inequality becomes a greater problem every day in America.

Facts prove that Trump has worked far fewer hours and days than any of his 44 predecessors. Prior to Trump, George W. Bush held the record for most ‘vacation’ days taken by an American President. Trump has more than doubled those numbers in only three years.

We, the people, deserve better. We deserve a woman or a man who will work hard for all Americans; not only for special interests.

Real Americans are not allowed inside Mar-a-Lago. Only the Washington mafia is welcome. Trump believes he is a monarch, in direct violation of the first amendment.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


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