King Trump and his Court


There were two primary intentions when our founding fathers wrote the Constitution. First, freedom from religious persecution. When King George III declared that the Anglican Church would become the only religion practiced in England, our founding fathers left their homes and traveled to the “New Colonies.” Second, they protected the new country from becoming a monarchy or any other form of autocracy. Trump and his circle of sinners are violating the Constitution every day by taking actions which are only performed in nations ruled by autocrats and dictators.

For 241 years our nation’s government worked. It was far from perfect, but after deliberation and compromise Washington was a functioning entity. Since 2017, this has all changed.

Trump’s administration is in the control of a single man. Trump makes every decision emanating from the West Wing. Moscow Mitch and Lyin Paul Ryan surrendered the powers of the legislative branch to their fuhrer in 2017. Moscow Mitch is the reason Washington is dysfunctional today.

Today we learned that Trump and his circle of sinners had been planning the assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani for weeks. He is suspected of being the organizer of the recent attack on the American embassy in Baghdad. Most importantly, he was the leader of the Iranian army. Never before has our nation planned the death of one of the principal leaders of a foreign nation with the exception of during wartime.

Once again Trump and his puppets bypassed protocol and failed to inform congress of the planned attack before or after Soleimani was killed outside of the Baghdad International Airport.

Trump just placed our nation in a serious possibility of engaging in another war in the Middle East. Only Congress can formerly declare war and it is paramount that the leaders of our government be informed of any serious military action by the executive branch.

Once again Trump is acting like a monarch, not an elected public official. He is not above the law and is required to answer to the American people. He just placed our nation’s people in danger of a terrorist attack. But Trump doesn’t care; he knows he is guarded 24 hours a day. You and I are not.

Trump again proves that he is the second greatest danger to world peace. Only climate change is more serious than Trump’s failures. The orange man-child continues to display his lack of mental competence. Refusing to consult experienced advisors or the leaders of congress displays a low level of intelligence and a dangerously high level of arrogance and egomania.

Time to take our country back and rid America of the disease called “Trumpism.”

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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