The Real Trump Klan No One Wants to Talk About


The are honored with the title of “first family.” However, is the Trump Klan a model for all Americans? Do they project an image of the best of the American people? Hell no.

Throughout history the patriarch of a family leaves his mark on all of his successors. This is bad news for the Trump Klan. Donald John Trump reminds me of  the profile of a serial killer. With the exception of his ego, Trump is without positive emotion. He cares for no one but himself. Trump’s only god is money. In the last three years he revealed to the world that he lacks a moral compass, supports white supremacy, and is a sexual predator. DJT is not only an embarrassment to the American people, he is a blight on humanity.

The head of any family needs a ‘partner in crime.’ Trump has had three co-conspirators. He first foreign trophy wife was Ivanka. She produced three heirs for the would-be billionaire. However, as she aged, he no longer needed her and cast her aside.

Their divorce was becoming a vicious and sordid event. Ivanka signed a statement accusing her husband of violently raping her. After she signed a financial agreement, she claimed that the rape never happened. You think she married him for money? Could be.

Number two was a failing actress by the name of Marla Maples. Their marriage lasted six years. Marla and Donny Boy had one child, Tiffany. She is the family’s best kept secret.

Trump wanted a younger woman who was not a ‘pushy’ American. Along came Slovenian fashion model, Melania Knauss. They married in 2005, and in 2006 she gave birth to a son, Barron. This trophy wife has remained with her adulterous husband although he had two affairs; one with a porn star and one with a Playboy model; immediately after their son’s birth. Donny admitted on camera that he remains a sexual predator. More than 20 women have accused him of sexual assault. The truth is that remaining in a certain lifestyle is more important to this gold digger than dignity and respect. Now for his spawn.

Daughter Ivana continues to attempt to present a positive image. The truth is that she is her father’s clone. She is a racist and an opportunist. Her clothing line is manufactured in China by men, women, and children who work in poor conditions for slave wages.

As I said before, we know little about his other daughter other than the fact that he enjoys living the life of a wealthy and privileged woman.

His sons are despicable. Neither of them has accomplished anything in their lives. They are best known for slaughtering endangered animals. Recently Donny Boy Jr. claimed to have written a book. If he is like his father, he cannot read or write. The sad end to this story is that the RNC purchased a large number of those books to make him appear successful. Another Trump family fail.

Personally, I worry about Barron. His ‘role models’ are both failures. His obese, old father has zero accomplishments in his life. His illegitimate presidency is the result of efforts by Vladimir Putin and the mainstream media to assist him in winning the Electoral College. The people chose Hillary Clinton, but in America presidential elections are always rigged as long as the Electoral College exists.

Barron’s mother is more concerned with money than respect. She cannot pass positive qualities on to her son which she does not herself possess.

This young man was born into the Trump Klan with ‘two strikes against him.’ Not a single member of his family presents a positive role model, and Junior is the worst.

“The same day his father spent fanning a potentially explosive flame with Iran, Donald Trump Jr. thought it a good idea to post a photo of himself smiling on Instagram while holding a custom AR-15 rifle with an image of Hillary Clinton behind bars and a “Crusader” cross Sunday. The latter is a symbol of ‘Christian religious war against Islam reportedly now used by white supremacists,’ according to the New Civil Rights Movement, a website advocating for underrepresented minorities—a cause not exactly near and dear to the current administration’s heart.” This according to the Daily Kos.

Sadly, Junior is a perfect representative for the entire Trump Klan.

This is your illegitimate first family. Sad, very sad.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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