Will the Mainstream Media Help Trump Win Reelection in 2020 with more Lies of Omission?


Real Americans will vote for Independents and Democrats in 2020. My greatest concern is the established fact that the mainstream media, most importantly television “news,” will once again commit lies of omission and therefore support the worst illegitimate president in history.

If the fourth estate existed today, Trump would never have been elected. Real journalists would have exposed the truth about the world’s most infamous con man; he would have been exiled to his fake golden tower and would not be defiling our White House today.

“The truth will set us free.” This may be the most accurate quote in the history of mankind. My only question is ‘who will tell it?’ Television news broadcasts will not. The personalities who pretend to be members of the once cherished fourth estate are all part of the 18.6 million millionaires and 704 billionaires supported by Donald John Trump.

Every American with average intelligence knows the real DJT is hiding behind lies and illusion. Let’s begin with the most important fact and his biggest lie.

Trump is not a successful businessman, and he is not a billionaire. After he wasted 421 million dollars; a gift from father Fred; his empire, which was only a fantasy, was crashing down around him. In 1999, the Saudi Royal family bailed him out by investing hundreds of millions of dollars into his business ventures. He failed once again, and in 2005, after his second trip to Moscow, and his first Miss Universe Pageant in the Russian capital, he returned to New York. His real estate business began to flourish. Trump continues to hide his tax returns. What would they reveal? Did he launder money for Russian oligarchs disguised as real estate investments?

Trump brags about everything; none of them true. One which may have some validity is his admission that he “loves to use other people’s money.” His first three years as your illegitimate president offers one fact; DJT is using taxpayer dollars to live the life of a billionaire, and is not performing the job for which he was elected by Russian agents and the mainstream media.

Have you heard one statement on CBS, ABC, NBC, or FOX about Trump’s “work schedule?” The fact is he only plans time in the Oval Office between eleven in the morning and two-three in the afternoon. The majority of his day is called “executive time,” which means tweeting and watching television. Most of Trump’s illegitimate presidency has been spent at his millionaire’s only playpen, Mar-a-Lago, other Trump resorts, golfing, and holding hate rallies for his cult to soothe his enormous ego.

The media was relentless when Bill Clinton received oral sex in the Oval Office. Bill Cosby was denounced by every fake-newsperson across America for weeks. Trump had at least two extramarital affairs immediately after the birth of his son, Barron, and then paid “hush money” attempting to hide the truth. He is a self-admitted sexual predator, revealed on the “Access Hollywood” tapes. DJT has been accused of sexual assault by more than 20 reputable women. What has the former fourth estate had to say about these facts?

Finally, three unanswered questions. Why have all of Trump’s policies benefitted Russia? Second, why has Trump continued to protect Saudi Arabia, and why did he give away our nuclear secrets to our enemy? Third, DJT admits that he was a close friend of Jeffrey Epstein for 15 years. Did Trump attend one of Epstein’s many parties where underage women were provided for deviant sexual acts? It seems to me that it is impossible for him not to have been involved in any event which satisfied his deranged sexual appetite.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage

Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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