A Personal Note to my Loyal Readers; and my Thanks


I have written thousands of articles, mostly political, for the Guardian Express, and my own blog. I have made very little money, but I have the satisfaction of offering the truth; something the mainstream media, and especially television “news” refuses to do. The “fourth estate” is nearly extinct.

I began writing in 2011 after I was laid off from my full-time job, and finished my position with the 2010 Decennial Census, but I didn’t begin with articles for a print newspaper; that came later.

I spent more than a year writing my first novel. I am an avid reader, and I never believed that I could start and finish a story which was complicated and had interesting characters. In October of 2012 I published my first novel, “A Little Murder in the Biggest Little City.”

The novel is based on my 20 years spent in the Reno/Sparks casinos. Most of the story is pure fiction, however some of the characters and situations are based on real people and actual events.

Michael Whitten moves to Reno, Nevada, and becomes a dealer in a small casino. Events in his life begin to cause uncontrolled rage and he blames others for his failures. His murderous spree becomes a case for the Reno Police Department and Detective David Rafferty.

As Michael works in multiple casinos a pattern emerges, and tedious police work eventually narrows the suspects to one man. The end reveals the twisted mind of Michael Whitten and a case closed for Detective Rafferty.

My second novel was also focused on Reno and the RPD. Prostitutes are murdered, and there is no connection between them other than their ‘profession.’

“The Holiday Killer” is the second in a trilogy about Northern Nevada, Northern California, and the mind of a man whose murders are the result of a twisted mind. Rafferty sees the pattern clearly; all the murders take place around holidays when larger crowds fill the streets of Reno and Sparks.

The ending happens after a chase in some of the older sections of downtown Reno.

Next came “A Brother’s Revenge.” A former UNR football star’s younger brother dies after acquiring the HIV virus.

As the RPD investigates a series of murders where the victims are brutally beaten to death, a profile is developed by the detectives with the aid of mental health professionals. The victims are all members of the LGBTQ community or appear to be. The end is dramatic and final.

Number four was a departure from stories about serial killers and Northern Nevada. This was difficult as I attempted to explore the mind of a young woman, but it was also my most fulfilling. My wife approved, and that meant everything to me.

“Sheena, Queen of the Streets,” involves a 10-year-old girl who runs away from her home in Oregon. After arriving in Los Angeles, she begins the life of a homeless person living on the beaches of southern California.

This is a story not only about survival; it is a tale of courage, resourcefulness, friendship, and love. With a street name of ‘Sheena,’ her adventures will capture your imagination and your heart.

Another change and another novel. “Four More Years” is an expose of politics in our nation’s capital; how unscrupulous and ambitious politicians will resort to lies and even murder to achieve their goals.

The story centers on one man whose only goal in life is fame and fortune. We follow his growth as he evolves and becomes a respectable and caring man who rejects the darkest side of Washington D.C.

My sixth is titled “Down from the Mountain.” The hero of this novel is a man in his 60’s. Charles Martin Reston is a retired successful attorney who lives in a beautiful home on the shore of fabulous Lake Tahoe. The love of his life was killed by a drunk driver. Charles finds his life unfulfilling. He decides to help those who might need him and cannot afford the best attorneys.

As the story progresses, our hero finds himself caught up in a world he knows nothing about. A drug cartel is exposed and lives are endangered. The RPD becomes involved as the plot becomes more complicated. The end is dramatic as our hero prevails.

Number seven is a tale of today in America, based loosely on current events, and involves three outstanding families. “DOING THE RIGHT THING FOR GOD AND COUNTRY” will surprise and offer hope for a better country and a better world. Although the characters are creations of my own strange mind, some will appear real and remind you of men and women you read about in the news today. The ending will leave you with a single question, and that’s the way I intended it to finish.

Just yesterday I published “TALES FROM BETWEEN THE SHEETS.” Don’t worry, it’s not pornographic. It is the story of a young man and his search for a career and a relationship with the right woman. It is a love story with sensual and sexual situations. Anthony is a good man who loves women but wants only one; the one he wants to share his life with.

The first question I will answer is ‘yes, I have already begun a ninth.’ The idea came to me over six months ago, and I made notes until I finished my last.

Writing is not a choice. All of us who write know that it is our life; a compulsion. I don’t know how I was able to work a full-time job for over 45 years. If I had begun writing 20 years ago the way I write today, I would have been forced to take an early retirement.

If you choose to read any of my novels, I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Thank you again, James Turnage

My eight novels are available on Amazon; download the free Kindle App; CLICK HERE

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