Trump Talks and Tweets all the Time, but his Actions Prove that he is entirely Incompetent


“Talk is cheap.” “Great leaders lead by example.” These two short quotes have been repeated thousands of times because they are true. I could add another axiom; “actions speak louder than words.” I point to these few words because they all apply to Trump’s failed presidency.

Two more facts. “If Trump’s lips or thumbs are moving, he’s lying.” “What has Trump actually done for the American people in the last three years?”

Trump brags about himself ad infinitum, although he has not accomplished a single thing in his illegitimate presidency. Living the life of a billionaire at taxpayer expense requires a lot of time. Let’s give Trump a break; he has never worked a day in his life, why should he start now? His Oval Office “schedule” is between 11 in the morning and two or three in the afternoon. Those little white balls can’t hit themselves. To pay the bills, Trump must spend much of his time at Mar-a-Lago; his billionaire and millionaire “friends” would have no reason to stay at his overpriced resort without his presence. Because he is such a failure, he is desperate to hold his hate rallies where he knows he won’t be booed; he will be praised for his evil agenda by like-minded people. And then there’s Fox Noise. Donny Boy admits that if he doesn’t watch cable news for several hours each day, he won’t know what’s going on in the world. His lack of an ability to read, and his short attention span inhibit his ability to learn most information pertinent to his illegitimate position as the leader of the richest nation in the world.

Abraham Lincoln was a great leader. Teddy Roosevelt was a great leader. Franklin D. Roosevelt was a great leader. Barrack Obama was a great leader. Why were these men ‘great?’ They all led by example. They fought for all Americans, not just a few. Lincoln not only freed African Americans, he protected the meaning of the Constitution with integrity and unending dedication. Teddy Roosevelt fought to protect our national treasures; our forests, rivers, streams, and wetlands. FDR worked for the rights of the working man and woman and will forever be known as the people’s president. President Obama restored dignity and respect to the office of the President. He is the only president in modern history to serve for eight years without experiencing a single scandal.

The television media ignores Trump’s constant lies; they have become the new normal. I simply don’t listen to him any longer. He is the most illiterate president in history; yes, even worse than Bush 43. Every time he appears on camera it becomes more evident that he is mentally incompetent and cannot be allowed to remain in the White House.

The American people are desperate for a leader; a woman or man who will be ‘presidential.’ A woman or man who will serve all Americans, regardless of their politics, with the dignity and class expected from the highest political office in the land. In other words; the opposite of Donald John Trump.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage

Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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