On Tuesday the “Trump Reality Show” will Begin in the Senate

Reality TV

The trial of your illegitimate president, Donald John Trump, will begin on Tuesday. The jury will consist of 100 senators; 53 are Republicans. Will it be a ‘fair trial’ as required by the Constitution? Not if Moscow Mitch and his traitorous colleagues get their way.

The trial will be a sham; a reality TV show with a predictable ending. Republicans will protect their fuhrer although the evidence is overwhelming, and the Constitution demands his removal from office.

You might remember this on November 3; voting day. Here’s a dose of reality. Other than Trump’s supporters, less than 40 percent of all Americans, no one believes Trump is a real president. The polls are extremely inaccurate. Two groups which are opposed to Trump’s policies are women and millennials. An accurate estimate of Trump’s approval rating is likely nearer to 20 percent of all Americans.

Millennials are the largest voting bloc in America. Women compose 51 percent of the population. Other than a small percentage of women who support Trump because the men in their lives lie and coerce them, the majority of female voters are opposed to a Trump presidency. Millennials are less material, less prejudiced, and less likely to be religious. As a group they are unlikely to belong to a political party. When they vote, they vote on the issues, not for a woman or man who has an “R” or a “D” next to their name.

I have several regrets about the upcoming trial, but one stands out for me and most Americans. I wish Trump was forced to be present. Hearing the charges and evidence against him would cause the egomaniac’s head to explode.

Trump is the worst and most unpopular president in America’s history; and he has earned that stigma. The fact that he refused to represent millions of Americans, like myself, who do not recognize him as our illegitimate president denies him the right to claim the title of President of the United States of America. Acts of revenge are unconscionable for a legitimate president. When we elect a new leader, she or he must serve all 330 million Americans regardless of their political affiliation.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Toby Jagmohan

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