Pence Uses the “Trump Tactic” to Defend Himself; it’s not Working


The vice president has denied knowing Parnas after the Ukrainian American businessman accused him of working on an alleged scheme to pressure Ukraine’s government. “I don’t know the guy,” Pence said last week, CNN reported, calling Parnas’s claims “completely false.”

This is what Trump says every time it is reported that he is friends with known criminals and degenerates. The problem with this defense is that there are pictures; lots of pictures; and even videos of both the orange man-child and Pence with the worst of the worst.

There are dozens of pictures of Lev Parnas socializing with the entire Trump Klan. I must assume he was invited to Thanksgiving dinner as the guest of honor.

Mike Pence is not getting away with his lie either. There is a video of him, his wife, and Parnas at a Republican event. Part of the video shows Pence extending his hand to greet Parnas. It has become obvious that the right-wing would not exist without lies. The truth is their greatest enemy.

Joseph Bondy is Parnas’ attorney.  “Mike Pence does indeed know the guy,” Bondy tweeted with the video, but gave no details of the context in which the vice president, his wife, and Parnas are together. Newsweek has asked Bondy for comment and further information about the video.

Finally, let’s talk a little about the impeachment of DJT. His defense team is desperate to prevent John Bolton and Parnas from testifying. The truth would destroy Trump and the Trump Party. But here’s the most ludicrous part of the story. Added to Trump’s laughable “team” are Kenneth Starr and Alan Dershowitz.

Starr was removed from his position at Baylor University for attempting to cover-up a sexual assault. He later led the prosecution against Bill Clinton. Although no actual crime was committed by the 42nd president, Starr argued that he had disgraced the office of the president.

Dershowitz is even more ridiculous. This man of questionable character was on OJ Simpson’s defense team, and the principle attorney for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. During Clinton’s impeachment trial he also claimed that a crime by definition is not needed to impeach a president; today he is claiming just the opposite is true. In addition, there have been allegations that Dershowitz was a participant in Epstein’s underage sex parties.

Criminals and sexual deviants must stick together.

Trump has been impeached and removing him from office is the right thing to do. He is unfit to claim the title of President of my United States of America.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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