John Kelly Says ‘Bolton is Right about Quid pro Quo’

Kelly (3)

For Donald John Trump, loyalty is a one-way street, and this may be returning to haunt him in the very near future. The list is long of the men and women who have served him, right or wrong, but a few more famous names come to mind.

Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions was one of Trump’s most ardent supporters from day one. When he refused to break the law and end Robert Mueller’s investigation, Donny Boy demanded his resignation. He refused to tell him in person. First came a tweet, and then the resignation letter from Sessions. Another f**k you from Trump.

Omarosa Manigault was a Trump stooge since his days on “reality” television. When his daughter and son-in-law suggested she be removed from the White House, Trump turned his back on her and fired another loyal member of his circle of sinners.

Rex Tillerson was a poor choice for Secretary of State. However, his only crime as far as Trump was concerned is his failure to bow to every Trump demand. Mike Pompeo is the ‘perfect’ yes-man and a far less competent leader of the State Department. More than 30 percent of experienced diplomats have resigned since his confirmation by Moscow Mitch and his hypocritical party.

James Mattis, Secretary of Defense, was the only qualified member of Trump’s cabinet. However, the first time he disagreed with Fuhrer Trump, he began to lose favor and eventually resigned.

John Kelly was a qualified Chief of Staff. His efforts to ‘control’ Trump’s rash impulses were futile. Eventually Trump cut him out of the loop, and he resigned, leaving Trump without a single qualified adviser on his staff or the cabinet.

Trump has since verbally attacked all three former members of his inner circle because they tried to do their jobs but found it impossible to remain loyal and work with the egomaniac in the Oval Office.

Recently former National Security Adviser, John Bolton, completed a book about his time in the White House. He claims that Trump did demand quid pro quo from Ukraine President Zelinsky. He also revealed his concerns about Trump’s close relationships with autocrats who lead countries opposed to American principles; primarily Vladimir Putin and Mohammad bin Salman.

Today, John Kelly confirmed Bolton’s concerns.

“If John Bolton says that in the book, I believe John Bolton,” Kelly said Monday night when asked about the leaked draft manuscript during remarks at the Ringling College Library Association Town Hall lecture series, according to the Herald Tribune of Sarasota, Florida.

Kelly said Bolton “always gave the president the unvarnished truth” and is a “man of integrity and great character.”

“I mean, half of Americans think this process is purely political and shouldn’t be happening, but since it is happening, the majority of Americans would like to hear the whole story,” Kelly said.

Kelly is drastically wrong about one point; this process is not ‘political.’ A quick read of Article one in the Constitution proves that the House was doing their job because Trump is abusing his powers and committing violations of the Constitution every day. It’s completely clear and undeniable unless you a right-wing politician desperate to retain power in Washington.

If Bolton and Lev Parnas are allowed to testify at Trump’s trial, he will be removed from office. This is what Moscow Mitch and the Trump Party are afraid of; the truth based on irrefutable facts.

Trump has proven himself to be the worst thing to happen to America in its nearly 244 year history.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


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