Dershowitz Supports Trump’s Right to be a Fascist


Like every other segment of Trump’s administration his “defense team” is composed of the least qualified paid liars in America. One of those lawyers is a man who formerly represented O.J. Simpson, Harvey Weinstein, and Jeffrey Epstein. Alan Dershowitz was once a respected Constitutional scholar, but in later years decided to represent murderers, sexual deviates, and pedophiles. An interesting fact; when Dershowitz was asked if he ever spent time with Epstein at his mansion, he admitted that he did get a massage, but he “kept his underwear on.” Really?

When Dershowitz spoke before the senate, which is Trump’s jury, he performed as expected. He created alternative facts to support Trump’s crimes and autocratic actions.

In a series of appearances, Dershowitz declared that ‘there’s nothing wrong with a president using the federal government to launch investigations of his opponents; nothing wrong with a president extorting political assistance from a foreign government, and in fact nothing at all forbidden to a president clinging to power. Nothing.’

Dumbing his fallacious argument down, Dershowitz is claiming that a sitting president can do anything he wants. He is in fact above the law.

He must be referring to Trump alone and not Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, or Bill Clinton.

Johnson was impeached for violating  the “Tenure of Office Act.” Johnson had vetoed the bill, but Congress overturned the veto. The act prevented a president from firing appointed officials without congressional approval and was overturned in 1925. Johnson remained in office after his trial in the senate by a single vote.

Nixon resigned before the impeachment process was completed. His crime? Virtually the same as the charges against Trump. He committed a crime to gain political advantage over his opponent in the upcoming election.

Clinton was impeached for lying to Congress. The act which triggered impeachment by Republicans; receiving oral sex in the Oval Office.

Trump held funds already designated by Congress for Ukraine hostage unless Ukraine President Zelinsky began a second investigation into the finances of Joe and Hunter Biden. This is the most egregious of all three impeachment investigations for two reasons. First it is unlawful for a president to take any action when Congress has already voted to supply financial aid to anyone or anything. Second, using his position to literally blackmail a foreign leader for personal gain is a Constitutional violation.

Dershowitz told Senators the following, and I’m not making this up, I swear.

‘All elected officials believe that their election was the will of the people. Attempting to remain in office by any means is not illegal because he is doing what the people want.’

Once again, the truth is that he is claiming that a president’s fascist actions are perfectly legal and understandable. Apparently three other presidents were criminals, but Trump cannot be punished for his many crimes and his thousands of lies to the American people.

Although I and millions of other Americans heard his words directly, Dershowitz is now denying his own remarks.

“They characterized my argument as if I had said that if a president believes that his re-election was in the national interest, he can do anything,” complained the attorney of Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein. “I said nothing like that, as anyone who actually heard what I said can attest.”

It’s fitting that a man without morals and principles would choose another man without morals or principles to represent him in the biggest trial of his life. I’m sure it won’t be his last time to be judged by a jury.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


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