More Obstruction of Justice as Trump Desperately Attempts to Keep Bolton from Testifying


I know I’ve said it before, but Trump is desperately afraid of his number one enemy; the truth. If the Trump Party and the mainstream media were truthful, Trump would be in a federal prison today; not just for high crimes and misdemeanors, but for treason. Trump is not the only person on trial in the senate. The entire Trump Party and Trump’s puppeteer, Vladimir Putin, will be exposed if the entire truth is revealed.

In the last week those of us who pay attention to what is truly happening in Washington learned that if two people testify at Trump’s trial now being held in the senate, he will no longer wear the title of President of the United States.

John Bolton witnessed Trump’s attempts to bribe Ukraine President Zelinsky. This alone is enough to remove him from office. To protect his failed presidency and to hide the truth from the world, Trump has threatened Bolton in an effort to prevent his testimony.

In a letter from Trump’s National Security Council to Bolton’s attorney, Charles Cooper, claims were made that parts of his book, which reveals Trump’s crimes, contain top secret information and cannot be published or released until the manuscript is censored.

“As you are no doubt aware, the House Managers in the Senate impeachment trial have made clear their intention to seek Ambassador Bolton’s testimony at trial, and although no one yet knows whether the Senate will subpoena him to testify, he is preparing for that possibility,” Cooper wrote in a Friday email to the official at the National Security Council.

“If he is called to testify, it seems certain that he will be asked questions that will elicit much of the information contained in the chapter of his manuscript dealing with his involvement in matters relating to Ukraine. We do not believe that any of that information could reasonably be considered classified, but given that Ambassador Bolton could be called to testify as early as next week, it is imperative that we have the results of your review of that chapter as soon as possible.”

The senate is expected to vote on the issue of whether or not to allow witnesses tomorrow. If just four Republican senators have the courage to do the right thing, Bolton will be subpoenaed.

The other key individual in the trial is Ukraine businessman, and Trump lackey, Lev Parnas. Parnas was a key figure in the firing of Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. She was relieved of her position because she would not be part of Trump’s efforts to “strong arm” Zelinsky into beginning a second investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden. Parnas has also agreed to testify before the senate.

Nixon and Trump both committed crimes which would likely aid them in their reelection campaigns. The biggest difference is that Nixon loved his country and resigned to save our nation from the embarrassment of a trial. Trump loves Trump, and no one else. He will do anything to remain in power and continue using taxpayer money to live the life of a billionaire and increase his foreign business interests.

The truth is; Trump is guilty as hell and his crimes were greater than any other president who faced impeachment. His Constitutional violations threatened national security.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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