I Awaken every Morning Asking Myself the same Question; “How did our Nation Go from having a Great Man as our President to the Worst?


In 2008 the American people elected a brilliant patriot who inherited the worst situation in modern times. Barrack Obama faced a near depression; the result of another Republican’s failed fiscal policies; two unwinnable wars; and a growing deficit. When President Obama spoke to us his eloquence made us believe that somehow everything would be all right; change would come.

Today’s continued economic growth is the result of programs and agreements made during his second term. We left Iraq, and plans were in place to remove our military from Afghanistan. Diplomatic efforts with the leaders of Iran established a nuclear agreement; Iran agreed not to continue its efforts to build weapons of mass destruction.

Then came the worst day in American history. On November 8, 2016, with the help of his close friend, Vladimir Putin, and the mainstream television media, the least qualified man in history was given the Electoral College.

I woke up on November 9th in a haze. It wasn’t a nightmare which made me fearful, it was the fact that a school yard bully with no morals; a man accused by 20 women of sexual assault; a self-admitted sexual predator; a man who failed at everything in his life; and a man with low-level intelligence would be defiling our nations White House. I feared for the future of our nation. Sadly, my fears became reality, and what happened was far worse than I could have imagined.

Let’s begin with work ethic. President Obama began his day about eight in the morning and often worked in the Oval Office until six or seven in the evening. Last Monday Trump’s schedule was lunch with Mike Pence; period. His illegitimate presidency is mostly involved with golf, trips to Mar-a-Lago and other resorts, attending hate rallies, and watching Fox News. He is the most expensive president in history and the laziest.

Now let’s look at accomplishments; real successes, not the ones Trump falsely brags about.

President Obama attacked the Great Recession with the aid of some of the greatest minds in America. His cabinet and closest advisers were the best group in American history. He saved the banking industry, the automobile industry, and others. The economy began to stabilize and then move forward.

President Obama authorized a courageous mission by Navy Seals to capture or kill the architect of the attacks on America on September 11, 2001; Osama bin Laden.

Working with the Department of Justice laws were passed to begin the end of racism and bigotry in America. His emphasis was improving all American lives.

For restoring our relations with nations around the world, President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize.

When he left office, our nation was in full recovery mode and the future appeared bright and hopeful.

President Obama was the first president in modern history not to face a scandal.

Trump began his illegitimate presidency in controversy. His selections for advisers and the cabinet were then and now remain questionable. His first two choices were Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, and Steve Bannon as policy adviser. Both men are well-known white nationalists.

Trump began his term by signing multiple executive orders. All of these orders contained two elements. They were designed to remove President Obama’s accomplishments, and were filled with racism. His attempt to ban Muslims from multiple nations remains in the courts today.

At his first G7 summit Trump refused to sign the Paris Accord; an agreement to attempt the reduction of carbon emissions. This was the first time he alienated leaders of our closest allies.

Meanwhile, he became a close friend of ruthless Dictator Kim Jong-un, and his relationship with Vladimir Putin became stronger.

When a violent conflict occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia, between white supremacists and anti-fascist Americans, resulting in the death of a young woman, Trump supported the white terrorists.

When 58 men and women were slaughtered by a lone gunman armed with 14 military assault rifles in Las Vegas in October, and 26 men, women, and children were murdered inside a small church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, by a lone gunman using a military assault rifle the next month, Trump did nothing. This pattern has reoccurred during his entire illegitimate presidency.

Almost immediately the investigations began into the 2016 election. Suspected of collusion with Russia, Robert Mueller was chosen as a special investigator.

Trump was accused by porn star Stormy Daniels of engaging in a sexual liaison after the birth if his son, Barron. Just days later, Playboy model, Karen McDougal, made the same accusation. Meanwhile more than 20 women continue to claim that Donny Boy sexually assaulted them.

Just months ago, impeachment hearings began in the House. Trump was charged with obstruction of justice and withholding funds approved for a foreign nation unless the President of Ukraine agreed to aid his reelection efforts. He was impeached and a trial to remove him from office became a sham with no witnesses and only one Republican voting to evict Trump from the White House.

Trump continues to attack his critics and do nothing else other than defend himself from multiple investigations for actions in his private and public life.

Trump’s failed economic policies and outrageous personal spending added 1.2 TRILLION dollars to the deficit in 2019.

Compare a real president with Trump, and you will understand why I remain in disbelief.

Please vote on November 3rd. Take your country back.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage

Photo courtesy of Simon Berry

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