Senator’s Notes Offer more Information about what Historians will Call “the Great Cover-up”

Trump and Moscow Mitch

During Moscow Mitch’s sham trial and cover-up for Donald Trump’s Constitutional violations, senators were not allowed to have their phones, computers, and they were not allowed to speak with each other. However, what they did do was the same thing we boys and girls did in Catholic high school; they took notes and occasionally passed them to each other.

USA Today accessed some of these notes, and they tell a bigger and more accurate tale than statements to the press after the reality show ended.

Democratic Senator Tina Smith of Minnesota made notes for herself. One spoke of the core of the trial: “The Question is, did the president commit High Crimes and Misdemeanors?”

John Tester, Democrat from Montana, wrote: “Senate needs to subpoena evidence and witnesses NOW to further get info on the president’s actions further explaining the president’s actions, including Mulvaney, Duffy, Blair, Pompeo, Perry, Bolton.”

Other notes focused on questions needed to be asked, but were not answered.

“President claims no testimony because it violates National Security – the very National Security that Trump violated,” he added.

Later, Tester captured points Trump’s lawyers were making: “Impeachment is an abuse of power.”

Then he noted the lawyers’ criticism that the House refused to send over the charges to the Senate for weeks while they tried to negotiate for witnesses: “Held onto impeachment articles 33 days.”

Republican Tim Scott of South Carolina simply regurgitated the right-wing mantra.

He began with a fallacious claim by one of Trump’s incompetent paid liars, who called themselves “lawyers,” who claimed that Trump’s comments about the central issue were a “consistent thread throughout the presidency.”

“Impeachment is a weapon of last resort,” Scott wrote.

He also put down three Fs: fairness, fiction and fabrication: For fairness, he asserted that the trial had a “fundamental lack” of it; for fiction, he noted the proceeding “hangs on Schiff’s acting skills, not the facts;” and for fabrications, he wrote the proceedings equaled “100% deception.”

At the end of the page, a final thought was underlined, “What a hot mess!”

Lisa Murkowski, Republican from Alaska, was another “no” vote on witnesses, refusing to make the debacle a real trial. She jotted down several dates related to aid for Ukraine, and in the end defended Trump’s actions. She appeared to disrespect the House’s impeachment of her demagogue called Trump’s actions a “red herring” and that the House has the authority “to set their rules.”

It’s important to notice than not all Republicans took notes. Some read books, played with ‘fidget spinners,’ and fell asleep. The majority did not take their responsibility seriously. And why should they? Trump and Moscow Mitch had already given them orders to acquit our nation’s most infamous criminal.

The truth is that in the end America remains as divided as it did prior to the sham Moscow Mitch dared to call a ‘trial.’ Trump supporters will see the event as a victory for their illegitimate president, and I, along with millions of other Americans will view it as an attack on democracy and the Constitution. It was a sad cover-up and nothing less which caused irreparable harm to the United States of America.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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