Trump is a Petty, Obese, Old, White Man without Class and Is a Disgrace to the Office of the President

trump (1)

Attached to Trump’s legacy will always be an asterisk which denotes the fact the he is only the third president to be impeached. The evidence was overwhelming and the House did the right thing.

Moscow Mitch’s senate refused to obey their oaths to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and acquitted their criminal-in-chief. Unlike his predecessors, Trump spends hours each day personally attacking his critics, and in this case those who told the truth and testified against the worst illegitimate president in history. As usual, he was petty, childish, and threw a tantrum.

On Friday Trump fired two members of his administration who were key witnesses in his impeachment. The two men are a decorated military veteran and longtime national security staffer named Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, and Gordon Sondland, a major donor to the President’s inaugural committee who was rewarded for that contribution with an ambassadorship.

Donny Boy just discovered how much ‘the truth hurts,’ and what a formidable opponent the truth can be. His greatest fear has become his reality. His façade has been exposed.

In real America it has become a ‘badge of honor’ when the schoolyard bully labels you with a nickname. It means two things; you have angered him, and he is afraid of the facts about him you revealed for all to see.

I know he doesn’t read my little blog, but if he did, he would have had me placed in one of our CIA’s ‘black sites’ by now. I know the “real Donald Trump,” and what I know is that he is the worst man is the world. He is a fraud. Everything he boasts about, and everything his ignorant supporters believe from his lying lips and thumbs is built on lies.

If you are one of Trump’s supporters there can be only two possible reasons for your belief in this obese, old, con man. First, you are woefully stupid; and in some cases that may be true. Second, you choose to be ignorant because you share his beliefs in white supremacy, Islamophobia, homophobia, misogyny, and fascism. There are no other choices.

Those of us who have studied Trump’s pitiful history know the truth. We know who he is and why his life has been such a failure. It begins where you might expect; with a lack of love and affection when he needed it most.

At 13 years of age he was sent away to a boarding school. Father Fred showed his “love” by buying deferments from the Vietnam War, and obviously paying for his diploma from Wharton. He also gave his useless child $421 million, which he squandered in just a few years.

As he entered the world of business, he was invited by the KGB to visit Moscow in 1987. This was obviously his first meeting with Vladimir Putin. In 1999 Trump was broke. The Saudi Royal family witnessed an opportunity for the future and invested hundreds of millions of dollars into his businesses. He is paying them back as your illegitimate president.

The rest we know, and it’s a sad situation for the American people. Trump has failed once again, and this time his mistakes have harmed a nation of 330 men, women, and children.

The truth is Trump has never matured. His past is the reason he is now an unsufferable egomaniac and cannot accept honest criticism. I am sad for myself and those I love, and I am sad for America.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage



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