Republicans Gave Trump Immunity from the Law; Now he is Escalating his Plan to Make America a Fascist Country

Trump as Hitler

Those of you who are uninformed likely believe that Trump ordering the Justice Department to lessen Roger Stone’s sentence is of little importance. You would be horribly wrong. Trump is consolidating power and removing the purpose of a democratic government.

From day one Moscow Mitch McConnell, and Lyin Paul Ryan surrendered the power of congress to their fuhrer. Every un-American act; every policy which would harm the future of our nation was rubber-stamped by both failed Republican leaders. If Democrats had not taken back the House in 2018, we would all be clicking our heals together, raising our right arms, and shouting “Heil Trump.”

Early in his first year Trump took control of the military away from the generals and admirals. Recently he stole funds planned for military families to build more sections of his unnecessary wall.

After he fired Jeff Sessions, he took control of the Department of Justice by placing puppet William Barr in the position of Attorney General. Together they committed multiple efforts to obstruct justice from the lies and censorship of the Robert Mueller report to prevention of multiple witnesses throughout the impeachment process. His most recent abuse of power was to order Barr’s interference in the sentencing of his henchman, Roger Stone.

I seriously believe that it’s time for a second impeachment. The Constitution demands “three separate but equal branches of government.” Trump is making obvious efforts to become an autocrat. America and the American people have been placed in the shadows; everything must be about him. He is a narcissist and an egomaniac; he is not an American president.

We, the American people, can do what Republican senators failed to do. We can evict this criminal from the White House. We must also send a message to all politicians that this is our country and if they refuse to honor and respect our needs and wishes, they will be voted out of Washington.

Most Americans believe that Trump should have been removed from office; 75 percent wanted to see witnesses testify during the impeachment trial. Republicans refused to listen to us. Most Americans want sensible gun laws; Republicans refuse to listen. Although congress has the finest healthcare available; paid for by taxpayer money; they refuse to allow the American people to have the same, although this is issue number one in 2020.

America is younger and more progressive in the 21st century, and Republicans are a regressive party; time for them to go.

Take back your country and save democracy. You can be a part of the solution; use your vote wisely on November 3rd.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


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