Right-Wing Trump Supporters Refuse to Believe One Irrefutable Fact; the Democratic House is Working; the Republican Senate is Blocking Legislation

Trump and Moscow Mitch

First, I hope that you will pass this story on and spread the truth. It’s paramount that our nation’s people know the reality of what is and is not happening in Washington today. The right-wing exists on lies and we cannot allow them to continue subversion in support of fascism.

The Democratically controlled House has been working hard and passed nearly 250 bills since January 3, 2017; moved  them on to the Senate, and Moscow Mitch McConnell has placed them on his desk; refusing to allow a vote on any of them. These are bills serving the needs of most Americans, our military, voting rights, and protecting our nation from foreign interference in future elections among other issues important to most Americans. Let me explain why Moscow Mitch is blocking legislation and continuing his promise to “do nothing.”

Most of these bills are supported by the majority of the American people and are opposed to the Republican agenda which supports special interests exclusively. Moscow Mitch is afraid that the American people will learn the truth; Democrats are working for you and Republicans are working against you.

Most recently the Republican senate blocked three bills involved with election security. If you care about your country, you must ask “why?”

Let’s begin with what broadcast television news; lies of omission told to you by multi-millionaires; are hiding from the American people. Trump us the least popular president in history. His cult has not grown; it has decreased in size. Without illegal interference in the 2020 election, Trump cannot win. If he wins, it will because Moscow Mitch and America’s failed fourth estate once again gave him a free pass and held him to the lowest standards possible.

Trump needs even greater efforts by the Russians to win reelection. He barely won the Electoral College in 2016. Less than 80,000 votes total in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin elected the worst and most illegitimate president in American history.

“The current president of the United States, far from having the same fears about foreign interference as our founders, has been very public about his openness to foreign assistance and manipulation in support of his election,” Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said.

“The president was just impeached over this issue, and the Senate just concluded a trial in which it appeared a bipartisan majority of senators broadly accepted the fact that the president leveraged hundreds of millions of dollars of military assistance to Ukraine to compel its government to investigate one of his political rivals,” he added.

Moscow Mitch and his minions made two frightening statements when they voted to acquit Trump one week ago. First, he is above the law and was crowned as our first and hopefully last monarch. Second, foreign intervention is acceptable in our elections.

Some of my critics have accused me of using the term “traitor” too frequently. However, when one party and the leader of that party encourage foreign interference in our elections, this is a violation of the Constitution and treason. Our founding fathers would undoubtedly agree with me.

If you vote for a Republican in 2020 you are accepting fascism and the end of democracy in America. They would be wearing red coats in a war against our founding fathers.

Finally a quote which is frightening but all too true: “When racism and bigotry arrive in the United States, they will be holding a cross and wearing the flag.”

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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