A Voting Rights Victory in a Very Red, Very Racist State


It happened in North Dakota; a victory for the ‘Good Guys.’ In every red state in the union Republicans are making efforts to suppress votes. They know that a large turnout is always a victory for Democrats and Independents. Trump’s diminishing base is the only hope of many Republicans in 2020. If the polls are even slightly accurate, Democrats will win back the presidency and the senate on November 3rd.

The Republican Secretary of State has agreed to settle two lawsuits filed by Native Americans in North Dakota.

“Al Jaeger’s move came after a federal court rejected the GOP’s motion to dismiss one of the challenges on Monday. The settlement will require the state to enter into a consent agreement enforced by a federal court order to guarantee that Native voters who don’t have a residential street address can still vote.”

The primary issue is based on the difference between traditional neighborhoods and the residences on an Indian Reservation. What you and I are familiar with does not exist in their communities. The homes do not have addresses such as “1234 Maple St.” A federal judge agreed with the Native Americans that this was not a requirement for voter registration, and more importantly not a necessity to obtain a driver’s license which will be used as identification.

When this law was passed by a Republican legislature, it was an obvious effort to disallow Native Americans their right to vote for a single reason; they usually vote for the Democratic candidate.

Other suppression efforts are underway in states like Texas; which has a large Hispanic population; Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi; which all have a large African American population; and in other states where one identifiable group generally votes for Democrats; not Republicans.

I continue to stress one fact; a large voter turnout will save our nation from the fascist policies of the Trump administration. It will return America to real Americans.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


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