I Will not Vote for any Democratic Candidate who Refuses to be Honest and Attack Trump for his Crimes Against America

Trump as Hitler

Every Democratic candidate shares most of my positions on the important issues. What I am not hearing is the truth. They all denounce Trump for his failure to serve the American people and his vile and destructive agenda. However, none have displayed the courage to tell the complete truth about the schoolyard bully they will face on November 3rd. None will speak of his fascist plans for our nation, his close alliance with Vladimir Putin, Mohammad bin Salman, his mental incompetence, or his greedy and selfish plans for America, and how he refuses to serve the American people; choosing only to support those who support his beliefs in white supremacy, Islamophobia, homophobia, and sexism. He continues to incite anger, hatred and violence in a nation which was once respected by people around the world.

If I do not hear one Democratic wannabe offer the facts about the evil which is Donald John Trump, I will not vote in the primaries.

Let me be perfectly clear; I will not be a moron and not support the Democratic candidate in the general election like many of Bernie Sanders’ supporters in 2016. I will go to the polls and support anyone who opposes Trump. He must be removed from Washington; permanently. However, I will work for any candidate in 2024 who is not afraid to be totally honest, whether he or she be Democrat, Republican, or an Independent.

Trump is the worst person in the world, and the worst man to ever illegitimately claim the title of President of the United States. He is a disgrace to all previous 44 presidents, and many of them were corrupt. He is an embarrassment to all 330 million Americans, and continues to insult our founding fathers.

Trump is an old, obese, fascist pig who is unfit to call himself an American. He is a greedy capitalist who has failed himself and now every man, woman, and child in America.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


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